F(x) = 4^xEach number is equal to 4 to the strength of x.4^3 = 644^4 = 2564^5 = 1024Please think about marking this answer as Brainliest to aid me advance.

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Step-by-step explanation:

The general exponential role is provided by :-

, whereby A is initial amount , b is multiplicative growth rate and x is time period.

Also, the multiplicative growth rate is the typical ratio of the consecutive terms.

From the provided table ,


Substitute, x = 3 , f(x)=64 and b=4 , us get


Hence, the exponential function represents the data in the table is


Option B is correct

Step-by-step explanation:

Exponential function is that the form:


where a is the early amount and also b is the development factor.

Consider any type of two points from the given tables:

(3, 64) and (4, 256)

Substitute in <1> us have



Divide equation <3> by <2> we get;


Substitute the worth of b in <2> us get;



Divide both political parties by 64 us get;

1 = a


a = 1

therefore, the exponential duty represents the data in the table is,

The price I acquired was f(x)=4^x

If you plugin the number on the chart then, you gain the answers on the chart. For example:


Plug this in then you get 64.

Do this for all the number on the chart then the graph is true.

Hope this helps!


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