One Piece: 5 Similarities in between Sabo & Ace (& 5 Differences) Sabo, Luffy, and also Ace swore their brotherhood when they were kids in One Piece. Sabo & Ace have some noticeable similarities and also glaring differences.

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Sabo, Luffy, and Ace swore their brotherhood once they were still kids. The 3 were in ~ Mt. Corvo once they take it the oath of brotherhood. As result of Luffy being the youngest of the three, Sabo and also Ace cared greatly about him. Lock didn"t want their younger brother to face any problems.

The brothers would invest their time leading to ruckus and hunting down hill beasts. All three of them want to be pirates and each the them began their journey at different times. Ace and Sabo room really comparable to each various other in a the majority of ways, and also in this post, we will certainly be talking about their similarities and also differences.

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The an initial of the similarities in between the two brothers is that they own the same devil fruit. Sometime during his journey Ace came in possession of the Mera Mera no Mi. The devil fruit is a logia form that granted that the capability to control flames freely. Ace acquired his epithet "Fire Fist" as result of his popular strike of the exact same name. After Ace"s death, the devil fruit fell into the hands of Doflamingo. He provided the evil one fruit together a bait to catch Luffy in the Corrida Coliseum. However, Sabo to be there to assist out Luffy. Sabo participated in the tournament under the alias of "Lucy." He finished up winning the tournament and also he ate the Mera Mera no Mi.

Ace and also Sabo could possess the same devil fruit, yet both of castle didn"t have the very same power. It is pretty clear the Sabo is the much more powerful of the 2 brothers. Sabo is the existing no. 2 of the Revolutionary Army and also he has actually risen v the ranking in a an extremely short time. Ace to be the second department commander that the Whitebeard Pirates. Ace to be even available the place of a Shichibukai, however he turned the down. He has some noticeable tasks to his name, but his power level is not on the exact same level together Sabo.

Sabo and also Ace have come across numerous strong opponents, yet none so solid as the marine Admirals. At Marineford, once Ace was ultimately freed, that fought versus Aokiji and Akainu. His fight matches Akainu finished in a an extremely bad way, due to the fact that of his inferior devil fruit and Haki. On the various other hand, Sabo fought against Fujitora at Dressrosa and also he was certainly more impressive than Ace in his fight. Sabo didn"t also have perfect regulate over his devil fruit, yet he controlled to perfectly stall Fujitora to buy Luffy some time. Again, this just highlights the difference in the power of the 2 brothers.

7 Different: Conqueror"s Haki

another thing that separates Ace and Sabo is their Haki. Ace and Luffy are amongst the couple of people that are qualified of using all three varieties of Haki. Ace used Conqueror"s Haki versus Bluejam Pirates and also knocked them out. He has actually been confirmed to it is in a user of Armament Haki in his novel, and also it is fair to assume that Ace has actually Observation Haki as well. That had been in the new World for a long time, therefore it"s just plausible to think that he would have Observation Haki as well. Sabo has been presented as a user the Armament and Observation Haki only.

Sabo and also Ace had actually a similar pattern to their appearance in the series. Ace appeared during the Alabasta arc once Luffy to be going up against Crocodile, that was ruining the Kingdom the Alabasta. Ace stayed with the crew for some before he go his own means and he provided Luffy his vivre card. Sabo appeared at Dressrosa and also at the time Luffy to be going up versus Donquixote Doflamingo. Sabo left Dressrosa after the Doflamingo to be taken.

5 Different: Sabo"s remarkable Bounty

Sabo was the an initial brother who collection out come sail. After ~ Sabo can not take his parents" press anymore, the left them and decided come sail prior to Luffy and also Ace. Ace was following in line and he cruised several year after Sabo. Ace gained a many fame and also he was one of the supervisor Rookies that his generation. Ace had a bounty that 550,000,000 beris which is one of the highest possible bounties in One Piece.

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Sabo"s bounty to be revealed much an ext recently and his bounty supplants the of Ace. Sabo"s existing bounty is 602,000,000 beris, and it will certainly increase together the Revolutionary army is making huge moves.

Luffy has actually a knack for obtaining into problem and more often than not, that comes the end of the problem. However, there have actually been times once Luffy has had actually to depend on his brothers to protect him. Ace clashed versus Smoker in ~ Alabasta, that was chasing after Luffy. Ace allowed his brothers to escape native the naval Captain. Ace safeguarded Luffy from Akainu as well. The jumped in former of Akainu"s assault to save his tiny brother. In ~ Dressrosa, Sabo aided Luffy a lot. Sabo clashed with Fujitora and also the various other Marines and also stalled them till Luffy battled Doflamingo. Sabo also saved Luffy native Burgess" attack.

3 Different: Paths

Despite all of the 3 brothers wanting to come to be pirates, just two were successful. Actually, it was Sabo who first set sail, but a happen Celestial Dragon finished his dream preemptively. He thrived up to come to be a member of the Revolutionary Army. ~ above the various other hand, Ace did well in becoming a pirate. That led his very own crew and also they were recognized as the Spade Pirates. Ace gained a many fame and also the human being Government likewise recognized his power and offered him the function of a Shichibukai, yet Ace turned that down. Afterward, Ace join the Whitebeard Pirates and became the second department commander.

Ace, Luffy, and Sabo might not be linked by blood, but they think about each other brothers and their bond is unbreakable. Ace and also Sabo were always on the lookout because that Luffy. They protected him indigenous everything. ~ Sabo to be presumed dead, Ace took it upon himself to safeguard his younger brother. Ace ended up sacrificing his very own life for the sake of Luffy. Sabo inherited Ace"s will certainly to defend Luffy from any kind of harm.

1 Different: Lineage

Ace, Sabo, and Luffy were without a doubt an extremely close to every other, yet all three belonged to various bloodlines. Ace is the child of Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Luffy is the son of Dragon, the most wanted man and also Sabo is the child of Outlook III and Didit. The end of the 3 Sabo belongs come a noble bloodline. Nevertheless of their various bloodlines, the three brothers had actually an unbreakable bond.

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