Chuck Lorre and also Neil Gaiman talk about TV, books, and also more

by Ashley Moreno, 5:01PM, Sun. Mar. 10, 2013





Yesterday Neil Gaiman (American Gods) satellite down through sitcom writer/producer Chuck Lorre to comment on Lorre’s publication What Doesn’t kill Us renders Us Bitter, which Gaiman dubbed a “slightly jaundiced, contempt bitter, constantly funny see of what it’s choose to make television from the inside.”

What Doesn’t kill Us, compiles together decades of vanity cards indigenous Lorre’s work-related in television (Dharma & Greg, grace Under Fire, Cybil, The huge Bang Theory, and Two and fifty percent Men) alongside initial artwork and graphical layouts. In enhancement to discussing the contents of this book, the two discussed how media is changing, and also what that way for television, books, and other traditional media.

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The vanity card – the is, the production logo design or fast graphic that appears at the finish of a television show (or in ~ the start of a movie) to brand the series. Unlike many production logos, which room usually pictures with the surname of the firm in easy-to-read text, Lorre’s vanity cards are all text. They’re full of extr jokes and also side contents that complement his shows. “We prospered up through liner note in albums,” claimed Lorre. “You would certainly listen come the record and you would read and you’d be immersed in the story of the band and also the making of the record, and also it made the record better somehow. Ns thought perhaps the liner notes at the finish of a sitcom.”

Lorre started creating these text-style vanity cards, which now compose his book, back in 1997 through Dharma & Greg. “In the beginning, the only way to review them was if you had actually a very an excellent VCR, and you could pause on the one-second frame,” claimed Lorre. But as both the cards and also Internet prospered in popularity, the cards began appearing online. Out of an individual interest (and come legally safeguard the legal rights to his name) Lorre, developed an online archive, where the cards are available for free.

The website will remain up and also free, also though the contents now appears in what Gaiman referred to as “a coffee-table publication in the true an interpretation of , in that if you attached foot to it, it would be a completely functional coffee table.” yet these huge pages contain more than just the words of the cards. In an effort to make the publication a valuable object in and of itself, Lorre contained supplemental art. This decision epitomizes a larger publishing trend: “As it gets cheaper and also easier come duplicate, civilization are in reality keen ~ above beautiful points that room not basic to duplicate,” said Gaiman. “A te ago, it to be really hard to sell a hardback book, and also now beautiful hardbacks room a way to go. The Kindle generation loves beautiful hardbacks. Castle love limited edition books. Lock love things of good beauty and also worth. I’m acquiring my publisher to perform the type of beautiful publications that supplied to only be done by one-of-a-kind publishers.”

The popularity of virtual publishing does no only affect books – it has actually a profound impact on Lorre’s primary medium, television, together well. “I wonder about the medium,” said Lorre. “I yes, really do. Yet the an ext interesting thing for me is the regardless the the genre, or how plenty of cameras girlfriend use, if that a single-camera comedy or if the a four-camera comedy, if it’s on Netflix or CBS – you’re informing a story. And also if the story is any type of good, people might come and also pay attention. The tool of distribution is irregularity at the end of the job if you tell a an excellent story.”

Lorre’s limited edition book What Doesn’t kill Us provides Us bitter is currently obtainable in bookstores and also online, and all proceeds walk to the Dharma-Grace Foundation, which provides health care for human being in need.

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