Hpnotiq is a low-alcohol (34 proof) liqueur with a distinctive blue color and tropical fruit flavor. It’s make from premium vodka and also cognac and also fruit juices. It’s a branded liqueur, which way there’s just one version of it and also no generics.

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Taste of Hpnotiq

The smell of Hpnotiq is somewhere between mango and passion fruit, through the contempt bitter edge that both fruits sometimes have. Tasting that reveals shining citrus notes which overpower the bitter edge completely. The mouthfeel is light, and also it virtually tingles ~ above the tongue.


The fruit flavors room intense, so even if it is you choose it or not will certainly depend partly on how you feel about mangoes and also passion fruit. Blending these extreme flavors right into cocktail recipes have the right to be a bit tricky. Coconut rum mellows that intensity and also adds its own wonderful flavor.


Adding it to champagne or gin space two more an excellent choices i m sorry highlights the citrus notes. And while it might not watch the prettiest, including a bit of this to a glass of iced tea transforms that tea into a passion fruit mango extravaganza. Hpnotiq needs solid flavors that have the right to stand up to it. It works equally fine in the Emerald Rain, where it’s the star, and the Berry blend Martini, wherein it’s just a supporting player.


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