1Change Amazon shipping deal with - step 1

Your Amazon.com account lets you add multiple shipping addresses: not simply for you, yet for anyone to who you ever send a package, gift or otherwise. Your Amazon attend to book will immediately remember each deal with unless girlfriend delete it afterwards. I"ll present you exactly how to change the shipping deal with for an bespeak you space placing, and how to adjust your default shipping attend to so the it"s immediately selected whenever you buy something from Amazon.

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2Change Amazon shipping resolve - action 2

Let"s say that you filled your cart, and are checking out: simply proceed as much as the last screen, whereby you see the "Place her order" switch on the right. At the point, click the "Change" attach next come the Shipping address ~ above the left. Because that digital Kindle eBook orders, you have the right to also readjust the default machine or app.

3Change Amazon shipping address - step 3

A popup opens, showing all the shipping addresses you"ve ever added. To ship to one of these, click on the equivalent "Ship come this address" button. To add a brand-new shipping attend to for this order (and future ones), click on the "Add new shipping address" link on the right. Back on the checkout screen, "Check this crate to default to this delivery and payment alternatives in the future" only if you desire Amazon to also remember the payment technique as default!

4Change Amazon shipping resolve - action 4

To readjust your default shipping deal with when you aren"t place an order, go to Amazon.com, computer mouse over the "Your Account" dropdown button on the right, and also select "Your Account". Under settings (third team of options), one of two people click Add new address to create a new one, or ~ above the Manage deal with book attach otherwise. I"ll click the second, because you now know how to include a brand-new shipping resolve from the checkout screen!

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5Change Amazon shipping deal with - action 5

Find the address you want as default, and also click ~ above "Click here to do this her default shipping address, consisting of 1-Click and gifting". ~ above the right, you deserve to assign a various payment an approach to every shipping address. You have the right to pretend-check-out to confirm that the default shipping attend to was in reality selected. Tip: understand that you can completely disable Amazon 1-click ordering.