What is AA?

The indigenous "AA" was created by Hong Kong people, and there is no such point as AA in English, yet it is likewise different native "go Dutch", which means that everyone pays because that what lock order.

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It method "split the bill". 

As for the beginning of "AA", there is no specific explanation. Nobody knows what "AA" is the abbreviation of. Some say it is an abbreviation of Algebraic Average and some say acting Appointment, no of i beg your pardon have sufficient evidence come prove.

There"s an additional saying that it probably came indigenous a pharmacist, due to the fact that the English "aa" or "ana" provided for drug prescriptions can be construed as an equal amount that each.

BTW, go Dutch is rarely said nowadays, due to the fact that it would be embarrassing if someone present said i am Dutch. The idiom was initially an English means of discriminating versus the Dutch and making fun of them because that being stingy. Choose "Dutch courage", it originated in the 17th century, once England and also Holland to be at war and also hostile.

How carry out Chinese Foot the bill?

When you have Chinese partner who acquire acquainted through you, it is most likely that they will invite you out for dinner. You know that Chinese civilization are praised for your politeness and also hospitality.

It is a authorize that mirrors their friendship to you when they say, ‘let me act you’. "not this time" in Chinese is the last point you have to say in solution to that.

To numerous non-Chinese speakers, it"s no large deal whether you split the invoice or not, yet for Chinese, that deem your reputation as a really important thing, it maters.

It have the right to be embarrassing come talk around who"s gonna pay during a meal.

In stimulate to defend their image, they will certainly be wake up to speak "AA", which method "spiting the bill" together I mentioned.

That commonly drives civilization nuts. I understand.

The fair thing is, that dominion goes to the date when a Chinese boy is v a girl. That has become a trend that the meal must be ~ above the boy, i.e. He need to pay for it. Without knowing that, the relationship between you and also your girlfriend would go like D.O.A together she may take it as an humiliation or disrespect.

So a you re welcome reminder come those who want to day a Chinese girl: going come a dinner without sufficient money is similar to “going commando”.

Let"s get ago to the dinner you go the end for.

If it hasn’t to be arranged who will pay, this can an outcome in a small, but usually familiar argument. The course, the won"t it is in breezy, yet don"t worry.

It"s not the moment to throw your lucky penny. It"s simply a "prelude" before your Chinese friend pays for the meal. The "argument" is just a authorize to say we "could not, would certainly not, want to wait " when it involves footing the invoice for ours friends.

As one example, some of my partner went out to KTV (this is karaoke – among the many recreation activities in China) and talked about splitting the pretty hefty tab. Our oriental best friend would have actually none of it and insisted on payment for whatever himself.

Well, it"s better to have actually a girlfriend who"d choose to pay because that you 보다 someone action aloof, isn"t it? Besides, nobody is a doof. You deserve to take it together a chinese symbol for love.


AA is made up by some unknown Chinese people.

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Never asking a Chinese human whether the is pretending come argue for the ideal to pay, or he will certainly think he"s therefore busted. That have the right to be embarrassing.