Rotten flesh is useless compared to all other items prefer it. You can eat it, yet then it provides your hunger bar deplete. You can give it come wolfs to make them breed, but other meats already do that. For this reason what is the suggest of rotten flesh? Those are the only two things you have the right to do v it and also it it s okay outclassed by various other items. What would be a method for the developers to include a function to rotten flesh? What space your think on this?


There are early game starts wherein rotten flesh has actually kept me alive.

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Also, together you mention, the makes good dog food.

Finally, it's a good trade item because that villagers.

You deserve to trade it with villagers to acquire emeralds. I simply wanted to include to your list, it's really no a an excellent trade uneven you have actually a zombie grinder.

How you use rotten meat to replenish your hunger bar is girlfriend wait until you're yes, really low (less than 4 shanks) then eat a bunch at once. It'll gain you ago up come 10 shanks then count down to 8 or 8.5, i beg your pardon is an innovation over 4. Girlfriend can also heal progressively with it, yet you need to eat 1 more every time girlfriend drop come 8.5 shanks and also you only gain to heal 2 half-hearts because that each rotten flesh you eat (3 half-hearts before 1.9).

It's only advantage is exactly how easy that is to gain a surplus of it. It's emergency food.

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Feeding dog heals them; they breed only at complete health.

It's better to usage as dog food when you don't have actually much an excellent meat because that yourself. Also, it's simpler to get than various other meats if you do a grinder out of a zombie spawner.

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You're right, the is a little useless because of oversight/poor decision making.

It (along with spider eyes) from what ns gather room intended together emergency items the you can use to rise your hunger just sufficient to enable yourself to heal... Which itself is a result of the fact that you totally stop heal after friend drop below 90% power rather than tapering off.

This to be made less useful due to the fact that of hunger changes... But spider eye were impacted an ext by those changes. Initially, rejuvenation didn't come sap saturation, and this is why spider eyes worked. Yet they introduced the saturation sapping (and then enhanced it in 1.9!)... The an outcome of spider eyes is this:

Poison yourself in exchange for saturation and also energy

Heal native having adequate energy

Saturation decreases indigenous healing

Energy depletes from low saturation

I'm not sure if this actually results in a gain, however it most likely only would if you currently had low health to begin with due to the fact that poison can't kill you top top its own. Both it and rotten flesh seem gimmicky in that you gain the most bonus the end of it by binge eating it (especially at short energy+health) since the an adverse effects don't stack.

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Also silly is that once your saturation is depleted your power will fully drain uneven you eat again... You'd think the it would drain energy as you exert yourself and also only continue if you proceed to carry out so (like if there to be a partial saturation rise when you shed energy).