They say that actions speak louder 보다 words. So let’s make sure that we space doing more than simply talking a great game. As Ben Franklin once said, “Well done is much better than fine said.”

There space two words the are offered so regularly in the sales and also marketing of homes and renovations that they basically have lost any type of special meaning or definition – “quality” and “value.”

Virtually every builder, contractor, or remodeler insurance claims to sells quality – and why not? consumers are trying to find it. That would admit to structure just an median or substandard product? No one!

Consumers can recognize top quality workmanship once they see it. Most civilization don’t shop exclusively for the lowest price and ignore how well something is make or exactly how well that works. Everyone enjoys a bargain, however who likes a product that division or wears the end prematurely or falls short to do as expected?

Especially because that a universally designed brand-new home or a specifically produced aging-in-place solution, consumers space looking for and also expecting to check out top-notch workmanship and attention to detail as one indication the what type of value they are obtaining for their money.

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Regardless that the product or the solution, consumer really don’t desire to check out or invest their money on poor or median workmanship. Yet there are far too plenty of instances of walls that are not plumb, joints that space not caulked properly, closet and other internal doors that are not changed properly, drawers the don’t open and also close easily, flooring or stair treads the squeak, railings that are loose or wobble, surfaces that room uneven wherein two varieties of flooring meet, repaint drips and overspray, nail heads that aren’t collection and caulked, cracked or uneven tiles, and comparable issues the belie cases of quality construction and also value.

Just proclaiming that we sell a “quality” product or the we create that type of systems doesn’t average that the exists. No one desires to miss out ~ above stating the they build “quality” or that they sell “value,” however these qualities need to be more than just slogans.

Talk is cheap. Give consumers some credit. They are capable of identify a quality product once we explain it or display them how we use top quality components and materials – and that we pay fist to detail. Climate they will know that we are a top quality contractor because of what castle see and also not just because of what we could tell them or declare in one ad.

The very same is true of value. Often an excellent workmanship and also name brand products will translate into good value for our customers. If we occur to market solutions or assets for less than our competitor, great, however value is not always measured just in dollars and also cents or price per square foot.

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Find the end what’s vital to our customers and also show them exactly how we fulfill their demands or expectations. Then show them exactly how we deserve to exceed your expectations or surpass what they have seen somewhere else in her marketplace or online. Permit them understand that our approach to their concerns will provide them years of service and also comfort. That’s how to market quality and also value – by letting ours efforts and also results speak for us.