Big things space happening in Fortnite now that we’ve reached week 7 the season 5. After ~ a reasonably quiet season for this reason far, things have actually picked increase a little bit with the arrival of a mysterious, violet cube the is currently rolling its method across the map. That’s definitely going to it is in something you want to examine out prior to it…blows up…or every little thing it’s going to do, and you can follow my schedule come see precisely when the going to move next.

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But as well as visiting large cubes, over there are other things to acquire done this week, namely week 7’s difficulties so friend can get the new Enforcer Road expedition skin. Right here are the challenges for this week, i beg your pardon I’d to speak are simpler than most:


Visit named places in a solitary match (0/4) search Supply fall (0/3) SMG Eliminations (0/3)(HARD)

Battle Pass

Deal damages to opponents’ frameworks with far explosives (0/8,000) phase 1: find a Chest in pleasant Park (0/1) follow the treasure map uncovered in Dusty Divot (0/1)(HARD) eliminate opponents in Lazy links (0/3)(HARD)

Visiting named areas in a single match is actually much easier than visiting the center of called locations, which is what you had actually to carry out previously, so literally just survive any kind of length of time and also get top top the move to finish this one. One ATK might make this faster.

Supply drops perform not have to be a solitary game, for this reason just acquire those whenever girlfriend can. They make a noise as soon as they start descending native the sky, so store an eye the end for them as soon as that happens.

SMGs are constantly getting nerfed, but in the present state the Fortnite, you must probably be able to rack up 3 kills v them nice quickly.

This far explosive damage one is a little harder, just due to the fact that it needs you to discover a lot of C4 and get close sufficient to large opponent frameworks to do that much damage. Try to take under a whole structure, i m sorry I think will all count toward this.

The chest quests are currently multi-stage so girlfriend don’t have to search in one spot. We actually made a overview for just how these brand-new challenges occupational so friend can check that out if friend don’t obtain it.

The sweetheart map in Dusty Divot will take you close to one the the map’s famed rock heads, and also you can uncover the specific location in our overview here if friend want.

Kill human being in Lazy web links who are still trying to beat the golf difficulty from last week.

Oh, and also once you do all these, you’re walking to want to gain this week’s secret free battle pass tier. And if did you do it done every the other weeks, climate voila, the Enforcer Road pilgrimage skin is yours.

The biggest an enig of the main is definitely the cube, which is moving around every hour and also 45 minutes, therefore again, inspect that out, together it’s the weirdest thing to happen in Fortnite…possibly ever. We’ll have new challenges quickly enough, and perhaps one can be cube related? fine see. Happy tier hunting.

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