Ongoing Discovery challenges continue in Fortnite: battle Royale Season 8 in week 4, i m sorry kicked turn off Thursday morning.

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The recent loading screen, unlocked only after players complete four full sets that weekly challenges, attributes a Peely king being brought by his plenty of banana servants.

Peely was first teased top top Twitter in the lead-up to Season 8’s launch, and also the unnervingly monster skin quickly became a fan-favorite.

The genuine question here is obvious: Was epos Games constantly planning on this loading display screen or did they create it after they saw exactly how exalted Peely was among fans?

From the watch of the loading screen, it seems choose the army of bananas is carrying the king approximately the top of the volcano … to carry out what exactly? Dump your monarch into the fiery pit of fatality below? The story that Fortnite: battle Royale never ever has and also never will make much sense, yet at least the clue right here is quite clear.


All of these Peelys space obsessed v King Peely.Epic Games

The certain location gift teased is an extremely close to the peak of the volcano, and it’s ~ above the next of a torch base that faces west. You can plainly see Sunny steps in the background. Oddly enough, this exploration location is very close to the one from Week 3. Maybe it makes sense the these difficulties would focus mostly top top the new areas in Season 8.

For anyone that needs details guidance, the video at the optimal of this write-up from YouTuber garandhero provides a succinct and very clear demonstration. (Be certain to inspect out his YouTube web page for even more Fortnite videos). But we’ve also got a map.


The specific location have to be easy sufficient for players to find. Just stick come the route on the northeastern side of the volcano.Epic Games

Look because that the torch pedestal with a few ceramic pots approximately the basic that’s ar right in ~ the finish of that section of the dirt path. Again, this surprise banner will certainly only appear to football player who have completed 4 full mainly of challenges and also unlocked the banana parade loading screen.

Unlike Snowfall, with exploration players can complete all the challenges from any week to unlock the following loading screen and also therefore the an enig prize. Before, specific an obstacle sets corresponded to details loading screens. The distinction here hardly matters for the more hardcore players, however for anyone that waits until the finish of the season to complete all their challenges and also get the loading screen prizes, the whole procedure has come to be just a small bit easier.

Based top top the in-game countdown come the end of Season 8, players have until Wednesday, may 8 to complete this and also other challenges.

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Fortnite: battle Royale Season 8, mainly 5 should begin the morning of in march 28, 2019.

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