The exceptional Race 8 household The Schroeders had the misfortune that being eliminated from the race in your hometown, brand-new Orleans. Then, Katrina came and destroyed their home and also everything in it.

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Before the hurricane hit, they tried to evacuate to The Rogers’ residence in Shreveport, and Char tells TV guide that the Rogers “wanted come send a vehicle down, if the hurricane to be brewing, and have who physically pick united state up and also take united state to Shreveport.” Instead, lock tried come drive, and ended up acquiring in one accident that damaged both cars. After the hurricane, Char claims that “or the very first two weeks us lived through the Rogers, climate we relocated to the Baton Rouge area.”

All of the households on the race aided out with supplies of shelter, money, and clothes. Every families except one, that is: The Weavers didn’t offer any type of assistance. Note tells TV Guide, “In every fairness, i don’t also know if they know our address or call number. Who’s come say that had they recognized where we were, lock wouldn’t have done something? ns don’t desire to do a general statement like that, that everybody helped but them.”

But Char confirms that “it’s for sure to say it was the Weavers.”

Perhaps that makes sense, though, because in your interview, they call the Weavers “white trash,” and also Mark claims that, based upon your attire, “Everyone to be shocked; we thought they to be going to it is in the very first team out.”

Stassi sums up their reaction come the Weavers. “And they were so rude. They invested the entire time gift spiteful and mean. Then they would try to come back and be friends. I do feel because that them around their dad, and also they were very brave in doing what they did last , yet there’s no factor for me to forget what castle did to us and just let whatever go,” she says.

Family’s race Was Calm before the Storm

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