Patrick and I had driven down to the regional Starbucks and also Taco Bell because that pete. As we were driving down the street, i had actually remembered as soon as the medical professional asked if us were the Wentz visitors. Ns was confused. Pete Wentz? the couldn't be. Probably they gained the names blended up. Right? my thoughts were placed to a stop once I heard Patrick yell "NICE turn SIGNAL BUDDY." i laughed and told him to take a appropriate on the following street. That laughed back and responded with an ok. Then as we to be turning, Patrick tuned ~ above a cd. Loss Out Boy's tune It's not A Side result Of The Cocaine, I'm reasoning It need to Be Love. Us both starting singing together. I realized that i had actually just sang v Patrick Stump. THE Patrick Stump. I fangirled internally. Us pulled in the parking the majority of Starbucks and also got Pete a cappuccino. I obtained a French vanilla frappé, and Patrick gained an iced coffee. We acquired our drinks and walked the end to the car. "OMG IT'S PATRICK STUMP EVERYONE!" Patrick stopped dead in his tracks and also looked in ~ me through an indescribable look. "should us run?" "we should." us bolted for the car and jumped in. Patrick handed me his coffee and also smiled. He placed the automobile in drive and drove in the direction of Taco Bell. This was a funny trip! us pulled v the journey thru and also got a situation of tacos, 2 chilitos, 6 bean burritos, and also three locos tacos. This was enough food for a week. Us pulled up and also the lady began stuttering. "can I have my order?" "AHHH! anyone COME LOOK!" Patrick moaned and threw his head ago on the head rest. Ns slipped my fingers into his. Castle interlocked perfectly. That looked over at me. "everything will certainly be okay patrick." i smiled. "thanks meg." we acquired our order after ~ fifty thousands pictures and also autographs and left. As we to be driving, Patrick started singing. "Patrick. Your voice is beautiful." "thanks. That calms me down once I sing. I'm so stressed out right now." "a perfect man like you? stressed? why Patrick?" "well, my finest friend practically died, to add work and also tours." "Patrick, if you gain overloaded with a bunch the events, friend can constantly talk to me." "thanks. Ns will." we got back to the hospital and by the time, it was dark. All you would certainly hear to be the city commotion. Cars passing by, the honking that the horns. Trains. Airplanes. Patrick walked me about to the back of the building. "Patrick? where are we going?" "just monitor me!" he claimed grabbing my hand walking in front of me. Together we obtained to the ago of the building, Patrick claimed to me, "listen. We don't phone call anyone about this." i shot him a confused look. That leaned in slowly and also grabbed my waist. I leaned closer. His soft lips touch mine and also he tilted his head. I did the same, but was a little reluctant. I was thinking. This to be a passionate kiss, and i was dating Pete again.. This to be cheating right? my thoughts were quit by Patrick's ignorance digging into my hipbone. Now all I can think of was Patrick. This was also perfect. He released. He looked at me and smiled. This to be my dream. Pete will certainly never find out about this right?

*Pete's POV*

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where to be they? it's been almost an hour. Ns was starving. I wanted to be house with Meagan. Suddenly, Meagan and Patrick to walk in the door. "hey Patrick! hey babe!" "hey Pete!" lock both said. I leaned up and kissed Meagan and whispered in Patrick's ear. "you defended my babe right?" "of course pete, the course." I have actually him a thumbs up and also ate mine food. Ns hadn't eaten in days. "thanks guys." "I'll be ideal back." Patrick said. "okay!" me and also Meagan looked at each other. "pete, I miss out on you. I have actually an idea regarding what we deserve to do ~ above Saturday. It'll leaving you plenty of time come recover." "what? I'm excited now!" "it's a surprise!" "okay..." I stated with a sad face. Ns looked down and also played through my fingers. "ugh! don't do that come me! well ill call you! ns was thinking. You, me, and also Patrick could go to good America." "YEAH." I stated with together an excitement. Patrick walked ago in with discharge papers. I signed them and the doctor did too, so us left.


"hey pete, deserve to I lug my girl friend today? sorry because that late notice. I'll pay for her."  

I woke up to this text.  

"sure Patrick! Meagan is still sleeping. Ns gotta wake her up. I'll watch you in a little. Fulfill at my residence at 9:30."  

"alright. Taking leave pete!"

I walked into the living room and also shook Meagan. She opened up her eyes and also smiled. "morning sunshine." "morning sexy." she groaned. Ns lifted she up and also walked right into the kitchen. I kicked the chair out and also sat her in it. Pancakes were currently made (courtesy that mom) and there to be orange juice ~ above the table. My mother is the ideal chef! we finished eating and got ready. "ready babe?" "ready." we walked outside and sat top top the porch. "so. How have actually you been since the breakup?" ns asked. "I cut alot. Thought around you a lot." "yeah. Well. You recognize what i did." "yeah..." she looked opposing direction. I walked end to her and also leaned over her. I kissed she passionately and also bit she lip. "woah girlfriend two!" ns heard. I released and also looked back. "ha. The wasn't funny!" "haha. Well, Meagan, Pete, this is my girlfriend. Hayley. She's a lot choose you pete." "hi! I'm Pete." I stated shaking her hand. "I'm Meagan." she smiled and leaned ~ above me. Ns wrapped mine arms about her and also walked come the car. "so are we driving separate or together?" "together. Me and you in the front, Meagan and also hayley in the back. Anyone cool with that?" "yeah!" anyone yelled in unison. Us all acquired in the car and also started singing to loss out boy. It was perfect. Me, my finest friend, my ideal friend's resource of happiness, and also my girlfriend all together. Ns couldnt ask for a far better recovery. We gained to Califronia's great America and gave them ours passes. Meagan remained in my arms and hayley in patrick's. We were deciding what rides we should ride next.we got four rides choose out: The Grizzly, trip Deck, FireFall, and also Demon. Together we acquired there people told united state to gain in former of them. It was strange. Then ns remembered something. We're celebrities. "patrick." that looked back. I waved him to come back. "what?" we stopped walking. "we're celebrities, we're getting special treatment. If mine girlfriend find out..." "she wont. Cool  man! i'm the only celebrity according to meagan. It'll be fine." "speaking the meagan... Where'd castle go?" "crap!" we started pushing people, saying excuse me about 50 times. They were on the drive already. They both saved spots for us. I threw mine head back. "got nervous didnt you?" meagan stated with a smirk. "no. Just didnt know where you were." "yeah.. Uh huh." she elevated an eyebrow. Ns laughed and also rolled my eye at her. 

*Patrick's POV* 

I organized hayley's hand and comforted her. She was in reality really scared... Well, so to be i... We started going down the very first hill and hayley's confront lit up. She was screaming and also putting she hands up. I smiled and also let go of her. She quickly grabbed mine hand ago and went earlier to screaming. I was quiet scared because that my life! as we gained off the ride, hayley got hold of my hand and out she head on my shoulder. I kissed her forehead and walked she to Demon. Together we talk that, i heard pete and also meagan screaming. Ns hated roller coasters. Ns wasnt a roller coaster kind of guy. Ns was simply happy to cave out v my friends. 


it approached 9:00. We determined to leave so we could capture a movie. "that to be so fun! what did you think babe?" hayley asked. "it to be fun! ns was happy come hang out with every one of you guys!" "thanks so lot patrick!" "you're welcome sweetie!!" pete was in the vehicle holding meagan's head on his lap. Us switched spots, therefore my eight rested on hayley's leg. Ns tapped my finger to the to win of thnks fr th mmrs. She laughed and kept a beat. Pete slapped his hand on meagan's foot to the bassline the it, meagan clapped come the beat, and also i started singing. This was perfect. It reminded me of tape camp a little. We drove come the movie theater. We all walked in, and got tickets. As we walked right into the theater, we taken place to be by ourselves. Meagan ran under the aisle doing backflips, and also pete tried. That kinda ran right into the chairs, and landed top top his head. He was crying since he to be laughing therefore hard. Hayley and also i to be doing the same. Us all take it our seats. Pete and meagan two rows behind us. Me and also hayley made decision to acquire popcorn and also drinks. 


*Pete's POV*

I wrapped mine arm approximately meagan. She turned sideways and also cuddled closer. Ns kissed her head and also continued to clock the movie. The movie ended and patrick walked approximately me. "that movie sucked!" "i know!" me and patrick continued to talk and also we got earlier in the car.

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Once i obtained home, i went upstairs right into my room and laid down. I dropped asleep (barely) to the to win of my pulse.