Jazz Jennings is the usual 14 year old girl in every ways yet one – Jazz was born a boy. Her supportive family accepted Jazz as a girl at a young age, yet with her teenage years upon them, they're in because that a whole brand-new set of challenges. Follow follow me as Jazz prepares to start her new school in the fall, faces decisions regarding her health, and also navigates the dating world.

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StarringJazz Jennings, Jeanette Jennings, Greg JenningsGenresUnscriptedSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
Season year2015NetworkTLCPurchase rightsStream instantly DetailsFormatPrime video (streaming online video)DevicesAvailable to clock on sustained devices
shygurlReviewed in the United claims on august 7, 2015
I admire this household for their support and also unconditional love. Jazz is a an extremely sweet and inspirational young person. I discover myself being relocated by her courage and also the struggles she faces.Although ns am not transgender I can relate to several of the points she challenged as ns remember facing them also as a young teenager. Unfortunately ns didnt have anyone around me for assistance or to skinny on for help. My household was very dysfunctional.I applaud her family for gift so suportive and naturing jazz making sure she knows that they love her. Ns think this will certainly make a significant difference in she life. My only complaint is the they space charging $2.00 because that a 20 minute episode and also that is type of expensive together its costing practically $4.00 every week. Yet I to be addicted and cant avoid watching..
Stephanie RomerReviewed in the United states on April 17, 2016

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I could not protect against watching this. That was simply really funny watching her gain to be who she really is, exactly how their household adapts, exactly how she interacts through her friends and also all the problems to be conquer that you would mean (reactions from all kinds that people), and also many the you definitely wouldn"t mean (i.e. Older sister doesn"t acquire to it is in the just girl anymore, doubts about her activist role, the mermaid point - I recognize now - wow perfect, boobs?! yup., wanting kids, the incredibly high suicide rate...) -- even her visits to the doctor, Lol.It"s therefore real, so favor you room watching your own family member go with it. I thought this was yes, really well excellent from so many angles. It"s a lot of to take it in, and a an overwhelming subject. Also has her mommy Jeanette"s doubts around things she does, and also other children like Jazz the she meets and also helps - and also you view their parents speak together about their kids. Ns love grandma and grandpa and their commentaries once they weigh in ~ above things... Every the means back to as soon as grandma and also grandpa were shocked and also "devastated". Ns think if you have actually no clue around transgender, you will learn a lot. I think Jazz is awesome, beautiful, and much more than a small bit heroic. It is truly inspiring. Ideal of all, the takes you out of the virtual civilization where everyone is the exact same - where we every are claimed to be so alike - and shows you one more side come things. Wake up up and welcome to the genuine world.( next note: ns think that is fascinating native a scientific perspective that sex identity and sexuality deserve to vary independently, i.e. 4 possibilities - apparently because these things are separated by a pair of months as soon as they are set in advance in-utero indigenous the research I have read.)It is a great show, but there is one problem. When is season 2 coming out? (June 8th!)