SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PlayOn, the media server software application from MediaMall Technologies that streams your favorite virtual videos to your TV and also mobile gadgets, now announced the availcapacity of PlayCast by PlayOn for Xbox One. With PlayCast by PlayOn, Xbox One users can watch virtually any online video on their TV.

“The Xbox One video player is limited in its integrated assistance for viewing virtual videos. For example, Microsoft’s ‘Play To’ attribute stops working at sending Hulu and also various other safeguarded, though extremely preferable content to the Xbox One. PlayCast by PlayOn resolves that, allowing you to cast nearly any online video to your Xbox One,” shelp MediaMall Technologies president and also CEO Jeff Lawrence. “PlayCast by PlayOn is currently the just solution to see simply about any type of video on the Web on your Xbox One.”

With PlayCast by PlayOn, individuals can discover digital videos on their PC, sfinish these videos to their Xbox One by means of the PlayCast by PlayOn internet browser extension and watch them on TV in genuine time. Users may also usage their mobile device as a remote manage to find and also sfinish videos to their TV. Sindicate find a video clip by means of the PlayOn mobile app and actors it to the TV. PlayCast by PlayOn can cast in HD, transferring video quality as much as 720p and creating a seamless TV-spreading endure from the Net browser of your alternative consisting of Chrome, Firefox, Web Explorer and Opera.

PlayCast by PlayOn is a complimentary function to PlayOn customers. To learn more around PlayCast by PlayOn, visit For even more information around PlayOn, downfill the media kit at or visit

About MediaMall Technologies: MediaMall Technologies, the creators of PlayOn, PlayLater, MyMedia and PlayCast by PlayOn was established in 2003 to make it straightforward, affordable, and fun to gain your favorite movies, TV reflects, and videos from the Internet on your TV or on the go. The PlayOn and also PlayLater software commodities enable customers to reproduce the conventional cable and also satellite TV viewing endure utilizing only the Web and also their existing hardware for a portion of the price – and also extend that viewing suffer to mobile devices. The MyMedia software application product supplies a totally free method for individuals to stream their regional media content to their TVs. PlayCast by PlayOn lets customers cast virtually any type of video from their PC browser to their TV. MediaMall opeprices with workplaces in New York, Seattle, and Copenhagen and deserve to be found online at and PlayOn and also PlayLater are trademarks of MediaMall Technologies, Inc.

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