Last week, us were left v a burning question: can we to trust Ronda Sales (Valarie Pettiford)? This main we get our answer. But prior to sending ourselves right into a tailspin, let's first talk sex. Episode 2 opens with a romp between Mary Jane and also Lee (Chiké Okonkwo), a.k.a. The comedian. No surprise. Though, there’s another hookup happening just a few states over: cousin Niecy (Raven Goodwin) and also Dante (Cesar Cipriano), a.k.a. The father of her newborn. Sidebar: see an African-American mrs in one interracial partnership with someone that isn’t white (the usual go-to) is refreshing. Specifically given current trending news. Though sadly, Dante is a creep and also it’s clean to everyone but Niecy. That detail is not refreshing. He's come earlier into the snapshot around the same time she’s collection to gain her settlement money.Back in the huge Apple, producer Garrett (Ashton Holmes) has news for MJ. She’s covering the glitzy new Hope charity event. But this is Ronda’s charity and also usually, well, Ronda covers it. Aha! MJ suspect it’s a ploy to ar the two women at each others' necks — simply as Ronda warned critical week. “I asked because that you come cover it,” Ronda later on confides. The queen punishment wants world to view there’s enough room for 2 Black women to “have a seat at the table.” has someone to be listening come Solange’s recent album? She likewise wants MJ come know around Corey, the male running she charity. Apparently, he's sexy and single.In the season premiere, MJ obtained the Cinderella therapy after Ronda let her borrow her stylist. This week, Ronda fairy-godmothered she again through handing her a rack of expensive dress options for the large night. MJ is charmed. The two veto alternatives and floor on a bold, matte-pink number. She’s nearly too nice. Ronda aside, i think this episode the writers wanted to remind us of just just how annoying our top lady have the right to be. When it comes to love, mary Jane Paul desires perfection. Her criter aren’t high standards, they’re unrealistic. She’s searching for her “Black unicorn.” but didn’t she acquire the memo? exterior of emoji keyboards, unicorns don’t exist.Lee, age 40, at some point loses her attention as soon as he confides the he has two kids in London. MJ has questions. Particularly, “Why room you in the U.S. And not close to your kids?” You can feel her begin to shut down. ~ inviting him to be her day for the big night, she recoils. He’ll it is in a “distraction” she tells him end the phone. Ouch. This additionally gives her an pardon to find for her nonexistent unicorns. That night in ~ the charity event, she web links up through Corey, or together Kara called him"Andre 2.0" (a referral to her old lover/mistake, Andre Daniels). He’s one angular, broad-shouldered dude through a chiseled jaw. Despite Kara watch the red flags: Andre 2.0 is the enemy; he handles Ronda's charity; and as us know, Ronda is to be admired, not trusted. Meanwhile, Ronda is feeling herself and touting an award around. She talks to MJ about an old skilled foe who deserve to now, kiss she "voluptuous, multimillion disagreement ass." She it s okay MJ come talk about her experienced foes as well and our HBIC in training shares stories around her nemesis, Justin Talbott (Michael Ealy). She speak Ronda the he, “stabbed her in the earlier and walked end my dead body.” i can't aid but think, Girl...why perform you trust this woman through this information? Corey takes MJ back to her home — currently a hotel — and he clearly intends to rotate the warm up. Together they arrive, Lee is watched leaving the lobby. Talk about bad timing. He eyes Corey, then mar Jane. "I left mine notepad in her room," he states surprised to check out MJ with an additional date. "We never said we were exclusive," MJ tells him."You absolutely are a riddle, mar Jane..." He climate proceeds to review the hell the end of her: she's "a woman with whatever yet pleads for love native a perfect stranger." (A step that ns still cringe around a main later, btw.) "I'm excellent trying to figure you out." Yikes. She speak Corey they need to grab a drink an additional time, that watches her together she walks into her home-tel. The next day MJ tells Kara the Corey is her “Black unicorn.” He’s single, handsome, no kids. Basically, he’s great on paper. She likewise did what us all do: she stalked him online and discovered the he has a pricey home in Ditmas Park. Though, it transforms out, the lot of money he spent on his Brooklyn brownstone to be the same specific amount provided to construct one of the new Hope foundation's schools in Kenya. Corey has been stealing money native Ronda’s foundation — at the very least that’s what she and Kara assume. Then in the middle of sleuthing, the two uncover it’s not Corey who’s embezzling money, it’s Ronda’s cheating husband, Ellison. His goatee and attraction to young blondes spells out: standard midlife crisis.However, the next morning a significant segment is booked to air on Ronda's charity, normally this can’t happen. Kara provides MJ promise the they'll both go to Garrett through this information. "Ronda can't sit in the anchor chair if she's at the center of a controversy," Kara says. The next day, against Kara’s instructions, MJ goes straight to Ronda. Bad decision. Ronda is shaken. When she suspected over there was one more woman she didn't suspect hubby was stealing money native her. "This is not exactly how I want this come happen," says MJ. "This" introduce to she ousting from the command anchor chair. Ronda then stands, looks at she young protégé and chillingly says, "Do what you need to do, mary Jane."Ronda climate goes on live television and tearfully confesses to every one of America what’s transpired. She explains that her “associate” — not her husband — was recorded embezzling money. “Associate” method Corey. Quite move, Ronda. And also it every happens before MJ has actually the opportunity to speak through Garett. Kara is livid. She understands how Ronda works and also that she cannot be trusted.Now humbled, MJ decides to give Lee a visit, and also return the notebook he concerned pick increase the night the eyed Corey. "I have actually a brand-new one," that says, dismissively, once MJ tries come hand it come him. She bares her soul and much to she surprise, the forgives her. "What's in it because that you?" she asks."The answer to a riddle," the says. "The riddle is a facility American woman, my facility American woman." Aww. The last scene is one we should’ve all viewed coming.

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Justin Talbot — the male MJ said Ronda about, her nemesis— has actually been rental at Great Day, USA. And, unsurprisingly, we have the right to thank pot-stirring Ronda because that that.