Walmart has it all in just about every one of the nearly 5,000 stores across the nation (and there"s at least one ar in every state!). The convenience of being able to get whatever from fishing gear to furniture, and of course, food is a large draw for millions of customers every week. However if you"re top to a Walmart in one state, girlfriend won"t have the ability to get one certain item if it"s on her grocery list—liquor.

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That"s right, client in the Lone Star State technically can"t buy vodka, whiskey, spirits, and also other liquors in Walmart (or any other grocery keep for the matter!) since of a ban by the Texas alcoholic Beverage Commission. However America"s biggest supermarket chain simply filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas in an initiative to be obtain permission to market liquor within of that is stores.

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"From 1935, as soon as the state the Texas reauthorized sleeve sales that alcohol complying with the finish of Prohibition, until 1995, no human could acquire a allow for sleeve sale the distilled soul in Texas unless that person had been a resident of Texas," the sue says, according to KCBD11. "Walmart is the largest retailer of wine and beer in Texas, responsibly selling wine and also beer to countless Texans. Each of its Walmart and Sam"s club stores that sell wine and also beer carry out so only after very first obtaining an suitable permit native the Texas alcoholic Beverage Commission."

Lauren Willis, the worldwide communications director because that Walmart, states the law "arbitrarily and unfairly prohibits publicly owned businesses favor Walmart from owning package liquor stores."

Liquor is easily accessible in Walmart shop in 31 states, and also the firm abides by the regulations of every individual government, which differ immensely. If the situation does go in the sleeve chain"s favor, plans to market liquor are all all set to go.

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While you might potentially view liquor in Walmart"s Texas stores soon, there are 4 things the you won"t find at any type of location in the close to future. Inspect out the list below:


Though the decrease of McDonald"s restaurants inside of Walmart stores began much more than a te ago, there room only about 150 places left. Moving in are chains prefer Domino"s, La Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe, and Taco Bell.