Carrie Underwood will sing the opening template of NBC's Sunday Night Football because that a 9th straight year in 2021, however it hasn't been simple for her or the network. Quickly forgotten are the 3 years she riffed top top a Miranda Lambert track in place of "Waiting all Day for Sunday Night."

Here's a fun fact: Underwood is the third of 4 artists to carry out a football-centric remake of Joan Jett's "I hate Myself for Loving You" (five if you count Jett herself, who joined Underwood because that one memorable year in 2019). Maybe there's a lot you didn't know or simply plain forgot about Underwood's time together NBC's favorite nation singer. We gained you:

While "Waiting all Day for Sunday" night has actually been a football staple for much more than 15 (interrupted) years, it might not be the most commercially effective Carrie Underwood tune the network has actually used. That honor goes come Underwood and Ludacris' teamwork of "The Champion," written for Super key 52 on NBC and performed during most of her concerts in the years that have actually followed. It's a Platinum solitary that was never ever sent come radio, however is undeniably amongst her best songs to make an album (Cry Pretty, native 2018).

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About 7 months later, "Game On" would certainly debut together the new Sunday Night Football theme song. This Underwood initial was used for simply one season before becoming the facility of a sue in the summer the 2019. Heidi Merrill claimed she pitched a song referred to as "Game On" come Underwood's producer in 2017, and even uploaded her variation to YouTube. The lawsuit had nine defendants, Underwood, the NFL and NBC among them. However, it was dropped the fall.

As because that the Lambert song that Underwood used? This is the most curious the decisions, together it really didn't advantage the one-time American Idol winner any and also had no natural connection to football. In 2014, Lambert and also Underwood videotaped "Somethin' Bad" with each other for Lambert's Platinum album. The song would end up being a optimal 10 hit, yet ended the radio run prior to being offered to make "Oh, Sunday Night" in 2016. The lasted 2 seasons.

In each case, NFL players and NBC announcers do cameo appearances in the video clip element of the Sunday Night Football introduction. It's to be filmed in various places through the years, consisting of the Atlanta Falcons stadion in 2019. Clock the video clip above to discover who the various other pop and also country stars to sing "Waiting every Day because that Sunday Night" were. We bet friend remember at the very least one of them.

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Underwood's brand-new opening video clip will debut ahead of the Sept. 12 Sunday Night Football game in between the Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Rams.