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Welcome to this IRS video clip How to Complete kind W-9.The details presented here is existing as that the job it was presented. This material isn’t official guidance.Any stories, names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this manufacturing are fictional.No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings and also products is plan or must be inferred.We’re record this program and also maintaining the in accordance v federal record maintaining laws. Currently let’s get started.

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Form W-9 is officially titled the request for Taxpayer to know Number and Certification.

This type is supplied to provide the correct Taxpayer to know Number (TIN) to the person who is required to record an informationreturn through the IRS come report, for example:Non-employee compensation; actual estate transactions; mortgage interest; acquisition or abandonment of secured property; cancellationof debt; and also contributions come an IRA.

These are the actions to correctly finish a kind W-9.

Line one of form W-9 asks for your name. If you are running a sole proprietorship you would enter YOUR name.

To clarify this point, the surname on heat 1 must enhance with the name the IRS associates v your TIN.

The name on line 1 must never be a disregarded reality – a single owner LLC.

If the owner of a solitary member gmbh is likewise a disregarded entity, carry out the name of the an initial owner that isn’t a disregarded entity.

If you have actually a organization name, profession name, doing organization as surname or disregarded reality name friend can go into it on line 2 company name.

On line 3, choose just ONE box. Check the suitable box because that the U.S. Commonwealth tax group of the person whose name isentered on heat 1.

Line 4 is because that exemption codes. Exemption codes space for those payment that room exempt from backup withholding.

Usually, people aren’t freed from backup withholding. Corporations are exempt from backup withholding for details payments –– like interest and also dividends through some exceptions. However, enterprise aren’t exempt from back-up withholding because that payments:For attorneys’ fees or gun proceeds payment to attorneys; for providing medical or health care services.or regarded payment cards or third-party network transactions.

Refer come the instructions provided with type W-9 for the appropriate code to use if you believe your organization is exempt from potentialbackup withholding.

In line 5, go into your address. If you have already noted the requester an resolve and this is a brand-new address create “new” at the top.

If you discover that the requester has actually been making use of the wrong attend to or tin for her business, allow the requester recognize as soon aspossible and carry out the correct information.

Enter her city, state and also zip in heat 6.

Line 7 is optional. Part businesses have actually multiple accounts with a seller and this heat is obtainable to specify which account this W-9pertains to.

You’ll complete part I next. Go into your SSN, EIN or separation, personal, instance taxpayer identification as appropriate.If she asked come complete type W-9 yet don’t have actually a TIN, apply for one and write “Applied For” in the space for the TIN,sign and also date the form, and also give it to the requester.

Requestors of type W-9 will have to deduct back-up withholding from any kind of payments that space subject to it till you provide your TIN.

Remember, start “Applied For” way you’ve currently applied for a tin or you intended to soon.

Next, you’ll complete part II. This is wherein you sign as soon as required.

Form W-9 is officially title Request because that Taxpayer identification Number and also Certification. Through signing it friend attest that:The believe you offered is correct. This have the right to be a Social defense number or the employer identification number (EIN) because that a business.

The taxpayer (you, the payee) isn’t subject to backup withholding.

You're a U.S. Citizen or other U.S. Person.

Any FATCA (Foreign Account tax Compliance Act) password on the type are correct. FATCA reports are required of U.S. Citizensto report foreign financial assets held external the U.S. ​If you’re a receiver of payment that room reported in crate 5 or crate 7 for nonemployee compensation on form 1099-MISC girlfriend mustgive your correct TIN. You have to sign the certification if you’ve been educated that the previously detailed TIN is incorrect,or there is a problem with the information noted to the IRS at an previously date.

The remainder of form W-9 is committed to accuse that aid you navigate the various responses transparent the form.

Take your time and also read the instructions.

Although form W-9 is a traditional tax paper and by itself, that doesn't pose countless problems, there space a couple of situations worth watching for.

Make sure a human knowledgeable around your service is filling the end the form.

If you're starting a brand-new job and also your employer hand you a W-9, questioning if you’ll be working as a self-employed independent contractoror together an employee. Employees finish Forms W-4, not creates W-9, to set their taxation withholdings.

Make certain you understand and also agree v the worker group the requestor has actually in mind.

If you're unsure why you're gift asked to finish the form, asking what species of tax files you deserve to expect to receive when theinformation is used. Type 1099-Miscellaneous, for instance or form 1099-DIV.

Make certain the person taking your details is authorized to execute so.

You should constantly exercise fist when offering out sensitive details like your name, address, SSN or EINso take procedures to transmit W-9 information securely.

Protect the confidential information by sending out it via an encrypted email, by hand delivery, or by mail.

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You could have other questions as you complete a kind W-9, for this reason download the instructions v the form.