This TV offers better processing than the freshly reviewed Konka, despite it lacks its rival"s Bluetooth capabilities. It additionally shows how far better technology has drifted under the chain.

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Vizio’s V-series clever TV (the $300, 50-inch model V505-H19 is reviewed here) is the 2nd 50-inch TV i’ve evaluated recently, the various other being the slightly cheaper ($280) Konka U50.

Both room infinitely exceptional to anything friend could’ve discovered in this price range five year ago. That said, the Vizio offers a bit better processing, backlighting, in its entirety image and also experience. However it lacks the Konka’s handy Bluetooth connectivity. 

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Specs and design

The V505-H19 is a thin-bezel unit who staid, however classy illustration belies its short price. The 50-inch-class panel delivers 10-bit color, a 60Hz refresh rate, and 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD) resolution. It has actually a full-array LED backlight, so the is no zone dimmable. That method it’s lit indigenous behind through multiple lights, yet the lights no dimmed or shut off to decrease light bleed.

The V505-H19 is really light because that a 50-inch TV at a only 21.5 pounds. I had actually no worries slinging the TV about to put the feet on, sliding it around to with the cable connections, and also so on. That also means there will be tiny strain on the 200mm x 200mm VESA mountain point, the mount, or her wall. 

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Vizio knows that there’s lots of legacy tools in this market segment, therefore the port an option includes composite video input and also RCA analog audio input/output. There’s additionally optical digital (Toslink), coax for cable/satellite TV or one over-the-air antenna, and also three HDMI 2.1 port (2160p
60Hz, through one supporting ARC output). A USB port is top top hand for playback indigenous mass media (thumb drives, etc.).


Vizio likes to take treatment of customers with legacy equipment by offering composite video and RCA audio inputs

There’s no Bluetooth, however the Wi-Fi is dual-band 802.11n, i m sorry is quickly fast sufficient for streaming most content. If the isn’t, there’s additionally an ethernet port. 

Props to Vizio for consisting of support because that HDR10+ in enhancement to Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG. Not all TVs carry out that, and also not just TVs at this price. The TV additionally handles DTS surround and Dolby Atmos, offers a low-latency video game mode, and also supports both to apologize AirPlay 2 and Chromecast. The TV is likewise compliant through Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri voice control. 

Interface and remote

Content-wise, Vizio’s SmartCast home is as finish as TV user interfaces come, through all the usual streaming providers, and curated cost-free content. SmartCast is also easy come use, and can be controlled using the SmartCast app on her smartphone or tablet computer if friend so desire. My only complaint, a distinctly minor one in this day and also age, is the it’s completely reliant top top an net connection and does not when if your broadband connection is down. You can still usage the TV, but with restricted functionality.

On the various other hand, a repeat fast shoutout (I also listed this in the Vizio OLED review) come the firm for fixing the Media Player app. It’s quiet a plain DOS-like paper browser, but now it’s responsive, plays every the media ns throw at it, and also doesn’t crash. 


The Vizio V505-H19’s far is simple, if not constantly the simplest to use.

The remote is simple and basic to use, though i would’ve appreciated specialized transport controls to make media playback a little bit easier. Still, the fits in the hand nicely and also is large enough to not disappear forever between the couch cushions. I don’t speak to TVs exterior of testing, yet the remote’s lack of a mic could bother some. Hey, what can I say? that entry-level, and also you can usage the SmartCast phone application for the purpose, as well as the various other supported protocols (Siri, etc.). 


As I claimed in the intro, the V505-H19 reminds me rather a little bit of the 50-inch Konka U5-series I simply reviewed. The a dead ringer as much as the slim blue color skew and backlighting are concerned; however, that suffers a bit less moiré, shimmer, and also other artifacts when handling detailed locations in motion.

The V505-H19 provides a bit an ext color saturation, but since of the heavy blue contents of the backlight/filter technology, reds skew slightly orange; greens, contempt lime. Really slightly, I have to say. Plenty of users could not also notice. Again, very same as the Konka.

Also, forget the advertising about Dynamic movement Rate 120. If you read the description carefully, i do not have anything does it to speak smooth activity or no judder. Yes sir no movement compensation of any kind—same as with the Konka. That said, in ~ its 60Hz/no compensation limits, it’s much better than some I’ve seen. And scenes that produce the judder effect, fast pans and huge items relocating rapidly throughout screen, are fairly rare.


Vizio’s V505-H19 delivers a good picture for an entry-level TV. Please note that entry-level is vastly boosted over the entry-level of simply a couple of years ago.

While the V505-H19 supports the most renowned HDR formats, it doesn’t really have actually the comparison to do a lot v them. Blacks room slightly much better than with the Konka, however it’s still selection backlighting through no regional dimming. We’re talk charcoal gray much more than black. Basically, it handle HDR, but doesn’t loan it the drama that technology can convey through higher-contrast—and an ext expensive—TVs. 

When it pertains to sound, the V505-H19 is okay for casual, occasional, listening, but I discovered it annoyingly muddy. If ns were you, I’d hook increase something an ext sonorous in quick order. Note that after ~ a firmware update, the sound disappeared and also didn’t reappear until I switched to the free curated content. If you suffer the very same phenomenon, that’s the trick. 

The omission that Bluetooth isn’t unexpected at this price point, together it was v the this firm far much more expensive OLED, the lack of Bluetooth support does slightly aggravate the weak sound issue. If you want to hear privately ~ above headphones, you will do it need to purchase a different Bluetooth transmitter ($30 and up) or make other arrangements, back you have the right to use your phone and the SmartCast application to listen using headphones. That’s not perfect solution in mine book. 


The V505-H19 is terrific entry-level TV through a slightly much better overall picture than the Konka I’ve been comparing that to. If you comparing it to higher-end 50-inchers, revise great to decent.

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Still, entry-level is the not the painful, bereft-of-color viewing endure it was simply a few short year ago. Indeed, the $300 V505-H19 compare favorably through $1,500 set in our an initial roundup in 2015.

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