Shannon might be cancelled, however our coverage of very Cavallari proceeds this week through Episode 2, Shake her Palm Palms. Brand-new episodes waiting on Sundays at 10pm EST top top E! 


In this episode, Kristin travels for work, Brittainy wrestles through some seemingly-easy-to-correct work issues, and also Jay go Jay things, favor donating the family goat to Luke Bryan and also discussing hen vaginas with his idiot friend Chuy.

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Kristin and also Kelly head to California because that an uncommon James photoshoot. After flying to LA, castle road trip to Palm Springs, where they talk about totally typical topics like who spits/swallows and, a real crowd pleaser: colonics. Most human being play the license plate video game on long automobile rides, however Kristin isn’t most people.

In one even more disgusting turn of events, Kristin volunteers the she and Jay once sat with each others colonics, and honestly that’s simply the shittiest idea for a date I’ve ever heard. She jokes, “We broke up moment later” prior to reminiscing “then that proposed.” and I have actually questions, not the the very least of which is “How long after shooting a fire hose through your poop chute go Jay propose?”

Couples that spray together continue to be together. 

During the trip, we view Pip (Kristin’s Australian girlfriend from Season 1, now pregnant via surrogate v twins), Jack (Kristin’s publicist), and also Biegs (another friend whom Kristin is make the efforts to make her VP). They to be thirsty to offer Kelly dating advice, which finished in a big ol’ cry-fest. We likewise learn that Kelly called turn off an engagement to one of Jay’s Vanderbilt teammates 3 months before their wedding due to the fact that he to be cheating, and all that did was remind me that JAY CUTLER gained INTO VANDERBILT.

In one more attempt to to fill the void left by Shannon, the display introduced a brand-new character, Colby, head that customer service who purports to have been v Uncommon James since Day 1. I was ready to problem this truth until they listed evidence that Colby’s presence in the lift of fifty percent a dozen scenes, choose she’s the fucking M. Night Shyamalan the Season 1.

But the real worry with the store isn’t Colby’s suspect promo from one extra come head of customer service, it’s the truth that the clowns in shipping keep sending out empty boxes and also Brittainy is around to loooooose it, so much so, that she interrupts boyfriend/resident cretin Jon Stone’s record session to bitch around the mishap.

This conversation expense like $500 in recording time, so I hope Jon’s sage advice the “Have a plan” to be worth it. 

Jon’s non-advice aside, let’s stop for a second to shot and comprehend how 10+ packages every week were delivered with no contents. Prefer how? Brittainy is incensed and rants at shipping supervisors Kelsey and Matt for numerous minutes when the overarching article was basically just “Put the shit in the boxes.”

THIS entire MEETING could HAVE to be AN EMAIL!!!

— Shanita hubbard (
msshanitarenee) march 5, 2019

In enhancement to acquiring a brand-new character, we saw an additional old friend, my all-time favorite: Jay’s large idiot friend Chuy. You may remember that from Season 1, where he imparted this piece of wisdom to the masses: vasectomy and castration room not the exact same thing. This time he’s below to talk about hen vaginas and the egg laying process. Seriously, among the civilization in this scene plainly has brain damage native being repeatedly hit in the head and also the other played 10+ years in the NFL.Just imagine because that a 2nd being the human being JAY CUTLER thinks is a train wreck.

I understand we’re quiet grieving Shannon’s absence, however we additionally lost another beloved character this week: Pekka the llama. Although that sounded prefer Caroline Bryan gifted Pekka come Kristin, she was reverted this week. Choose the Bryans space running a Blockbuster because that llamas.

Jay take it this opportunity to escape his residence of an additional annoyance. No, not Kristin nor any kind of of the 3 jam eaters. The victim to be Pepper the goat, who he recklessly stuffed in the earlier of Luke Bryan’s trailer. And there’s a sentence I never ever thought I’d type.

Stock Up: ChuyWith Shannon gone, us desperately need Chuy together a series regular. I’ll begin the petition.

Stock Down: KellyIt’s to be 10 episodes and also I tho don’t understand why Kelly is ~ above this show. She isn’t pertained to Uncommon James and also her storylines might not be much less compelling.

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Best Jay Moment: The Goat Thing

Episode Grade: B- 

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