Select the code listed below that provides CSS come configure a id called "footer" the configures small, italic text.

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#footer font-size: small; font-style: italic;

Use the ________ tag come configure a ar of a web page that is physical separated native others.

Which CSS building configures the font typeface?


When CSS is coded in the human body of the net page together an attribute of an HTML tag it is dubbed ________.


CSS was first proposed together a standard by the W3C in ________.


Use the ________ building to configure bold text using CSS.


To apply a format to a specific group of facets on a internet page, configure a CSS ________.


Use the ________ tag to configure a share area on a web page that is embedded within a i or other block screen element.

Which CSS element configures the shade of text


Which CSS property have the right to be supplied to configure italic text?


Use the ________ tag come code installed styles on a net page.

Cascading layout Sheet rules are comprised of:

Selectors and also Declarations

Use the _____ sign to associate a internet page with an outside Style Sheet.

Select the code below that offers CSS come configure a course called "offer" through blue message that supplies the Arial or sans-serif font typeface.

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.offer color:blue; font-family:Arial,sans-serif;

Select the code below that uses CSS to configure a background color of #eaeaea for a web page.

body background-color:#eaeaea;

Which CSS residential property configure the dimension of text?


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