Previously activate by: republic Theatres, unified Artists theatre Circuit Inc.

Firms: De La Torre-Reinhart

Functions: movies (First Run)

Previous Names: High Ridge 8. UA 8 in ~ High Ridge

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Built in 1989 through the landlord for edge Theatres of tiny Rock, AR. Due to financial difficulties, they never operated it. The was opened up as an independent theatre High Ridge 8 ~ above April 13, 1990. In the late-1990’s and early-2000’s, they play independent movies and also with household movies and blockbusters. The Hinkle family members Fun facility opened alongside the theatre and they chose to display screen some family members films to cater because that the youngsters after playing at Hinkle. In 2013 they quit playing household films because of a absence of audience and also it went back to screening independent movies and also sometimes blockbusters.

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This theatre was announced in the summer that 1989 as A.O. “Tony” rand was briskly do the efforts to relocate to perfect of rand Theatres Circuit’s multiplexes in Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and brand-new Mexico. De La Torre-Reinhart to be the architecture firm used. That was among three edge Theatres reserved to open in the fourth quarter that 1989 in Albuquerque. Originally schedule to open up December 15, 1989, the 1,833 seat facility was suspiciously there is no of concession stand(s) and also projection equipment with one month to walk to opening. And the news was no encouraging come moviegoers or the rand Circuit.

Bad reports to be circulating start with a lock-out the a cinema in Tennessee and also that news infect Texas with all places locked because that non-payment of everything ranging from lease payments, come utilities, to newspaper ads, to Hollywood studios because that bookings, to sales taxation revenue. This news travel to the three brand-new Mexico multiplexes just 5 days ahead of the Tramway’s grand opening on November 17, 1989 and also a month prior to the Plaza del Norte and this location’s launch dates.

In around two weeks, the residence of cards that was edge Theatres Circuit tumbled together Rand’s little Rock headquarters to be locked along with the radical of the circuit’s theater places in Arkansas. Finally, the Chicago and Florida locations appear to be the last of the Rand projects shut down through three ready to break ground and two in building and construction within Chicago-land and also a completed basic in Palm Harbor, Florida i m sorry – choose the High Ridge and also its 2 cousins in Albuquerque – had no projection tools or concession stands.

United Artists take it on the theatre opened it as The joined Artists 8 at High Ridge through a 94 FM Z-Rock pre-opening party top top April 12, 1990. The grand Opening was on April 13, 1990 with the films, “Crazy People,” “Driving miss Daisy,” “Born on the 4th of July,” “My Left Foot,” “I Love You come Death,” and also “Steel Magnolias.”

That offered the trivial difference to High Ridge together the an initial of the 3 failed rand theaters to launch. The was followed by Cinemark opening Movies West top top December 14, 1990 and Hollywood Cinemas opened of Plaza at Paseo del Norte in may of 1991. Regal / UA brought its High Ridge right into the te of the 2020s.

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And if you wonder what taken place to the Rand family members who ran the rand Theatre Circuit, they visited jail for your theater scheme and also learned your lesson by hatching a much more ambitious plan to bilk investors… yet not in the movie industry. This time they scammed oil and gas investors the end of over $100 million landing them back in the pokey.