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We"ve all been there: you slap a mosquito and also feel that tiny twinge that guilt within you.

Even though bugs are tiny, infinitesimal creatures who most most likely can"t even feel pain and also even despite there room literally quintillions of bugs in the world, it"s hard not to feel guilty when you unceremoniously squash one prefer some kind of entomological executioner.

A much better plan is to take it yourself the end of the equation. Get a lightbulb the kills mosquitos for you so friend don"t need to do that yourself. You"re still technically responsible for their deaths, yet that reality is a lot easier to neglect when their tiny wings and also antennae aren"t splattered anywhere your hands.

Unless, the course, you"re someone that actually enjoys death bugs by hand. In i m sorry case, that"s weird. But you carry out you. We"re no judging.

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An ingenious light bulb that financially lights increase a room, the end patio or deck and keeps annoying mosquitoes and other biting bugs off her kids and guests. Spiders, flies, moths, you surname it, the Mosquito Zapper Bulb will certainly take treatment of it.

LATEST technology - creative 2 in 1 Solution, it"s both one LED light and also UV light the attracts and kills mosquitoes and also insects110VCan be used anywhere inside or outside your house in any standard irradiate fixtureEnergy Efficient intake of less than 10 watt of energy at 920 LumenChemical-free pest manage combats conditions - Zika, Malaria and also West Nile VirusLuxurious looking. No lengthy cords to transaction with; just install the bulb and also it"s ready to use. Comes with an indict manual and a brush for cleaning

Shipping Note: Shipping come Alaska, Hawaii, PO Boxes and also APO addresses not available for this item