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"Everything around You" is the debut solitary released through American rock tape Ugly son Joe. It originally showed up on their 1991 EP, as Ugly together They Wanna Be. It acquired popularity after gift featured in the 1992 hit film Wayne"s World and also was later consisted of on the band"s full-length debut album, America"s least Wanted, i beg your pardon was likewise released in 1992. The song was a commercial success approximately the world, peaking at number three on the UK Singles Chart, number nine on the us Billboard hot 100, and also number five in Ireland, the Netherlands and also Norway. In Australia the song was exit as part of the together Ugly together They Wanna be EP, reaching number four on the ARIA Singles Chart.more »

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"Are girlfriend the males on the coast that hate everything?""Is this some kind of i know good music that i don"t understand?"I dislike the rain and sunny weatherAnd I, I hate the beach and also mountains tooAnd ns don"t prefer a thing around the city, no, noAnd I, I, I, hate the country side tooAnd I hate everything about youEverything around youI don"t choose a thing around your motherAnd I, I hate your daddy"s guts tooI don"t prefer a thing around your sister, no, no"Cause I, I, I, think sex is overrated tooAnd I get sick when I"m aroundI can"t stand to be aroundI hate everything around youEverything around you, everything about youEverything about youSome speak I gained a negative attitudeBut the don"t change the method I feel about youIf girlfriend think every this might be happen me downLook again cause I ain"t wearin" no frownI don"t really care around your sisterForget the small bitch "cause I already kissed herOne point that ns did to her ladyPut her on the bed and also she didn"t speak maybeI know you understand everybody knowsThe means it comes, the way it gonna goYou think it"s sad fine that"s as well bad"Cause I"m havin" a ball and never cared a thing aboutYouEverything about you, everything about youI get sick once I"m aroundI can"t was standing to it is in aroundI dislike everything around you

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Ugly son Joe Ugly kid Joe is one American rock band from Isla Vista, California, formed in 1990. The band"s surname spoofs the of another band, Pretty boy Floyd.

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Ugly kid Joe"s sound includes a selection of styles, including difficult rock, funk metal and also heavy metal. More »