I was just wondering who you males think is a bigger band overall. Human being compare panic and also TOP a lot so i want to hear your opinion. When I typical who is larger I average fanbase, in its entirety sales, popularity, charts ect.

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Twenty One Pilots is certainly bigger, and also by a lot. It's a bit difficult to compare because Panic! in ~ the Disco was thrust into the mainstream on your debut album and also have had seven studio albums, conversely, Twenty One Pilots really only came to be mainstream ~ their second studio album (and castle only have three compared to seven). Twenty One Pilots had actually their first label relax eight year after Panic! at the Disco did, so store that in mind. One more thing to save in mental is that ME! is no a Panic! in ~ the Disco feature, that is a Brendon Urie feature, and also thus will certainly not be counted.


I really have actually no way of calculating this however here room some instances that can show girlfriend what's going on.

Main Twenty One Pilots subcouchsurfingcook.com subscribers = 105K

Main Panic! in ~ the Disco sugcouchsurfingcook.com subscribers = 43K

Twenty One Pilots has actually over double the amount.

Twenty One Pilots Twitter pendant (not Tyler and also Josh individually, I'm talking specifically about the band's Twitter) = 4M followers

Panic! in ~ the Disco Twitter followers (not Brendon, again) = 3.1M

Not too much apart here.

Twenty One Pilots Instagram followers = 8.2 followers

Panic! at the Disco Instagram pendant = 5M followers

Not too far apart right here either.

Twenty One Pilots Spotify followers = 16.8M

Panic! in ~ the Disco Spotify pendant = 9.2M

Twenty One Pilots is pretty much ahead here as well.

Twenty One Pilots YouTube subscribers = 10.8M

Panic! in ~ the Disco YouTube subscribers = 4.3M

Twenty One Pilots has actually over double the amount.

I'm certain there room other ways to show the fanbase however I think you get the point.

Overall Sales:

A an excellent way to look at this is by RIAA certifications. Gold certification is 500,000 systems sold, Platinum is 1,000,000, and also so on.

Every Twenty One Pilots album is at least Platinum, if Panic! at the Disco still has actually an album the is only Gold.

The highest possible certificate a Panic! in ~ the Disco album has actually is 3x Multi-Platinum (A heat You Can't Sweat Out), while Twenty One Pilots have one the is 4x Multi-Platinum (Blurryface). That is essential to keep in mind that A heat You Can't Sweat Out has actually been out for ten years longer than Blurryface has, and yet still has a lower certification.

The greatest certificate a Panic! at the Disco song has is 5x Multi-Platinum (I compose Sins no Tragedies), when Twenty One Pilots have three songs that space higher, regardless of again being ten year younger. Drive is 6x Multi-Platinum, Heathens is 7x Multi-Platinum, and also Stressed out is 8x Multi-Platinum.

Twenty One Pilots have actually 32 song that have some type of certification. Panic! at the Disco have 22 song that have some kind of certification, regardless of existing as a tape under a label for 8 years before Twenty One Pilots release their an initial studio album.

Twenty One Pilots has two complete albums wherein every individual song is certified. Panic! in ~ the Disco has actually zero.

We can also look at number of plays.

Twenty One Pilots have actually one track with over 1 billion YouTube see (Heathens) and another through 2 exchange rate YouTube see (Stressed Out). Panic! at the Disco have zero (their greatest looks to be under 500 million views). Twenty One Pilots' most viewed track literally has actually 4 times the lot of views that Panic! in ~ the Disco's most viewed song has actually (High Hopes). Heathens and Ride have triple and double the views the High really hopes has, respectively.

Twenty One Pilots have actually two songs through over 1 billion Spotify streams (Stressed Out and also Heathens). Panic! at the Disco have actually zero. Additionally, Twenty One Pilots have actually a song over 900 million streams (Ride). Panic! in ~ the Disco's many streamed track (High Hopes) is only in the 800 millions.

Twenty One Pilots has 28 songs on Spotify with over 100 million streams. Panic! in ~ the Disco has actually 17.

Popularity is tough to quantify also so I will go to...


Panic! at the Disco's highest possible charting track peaked in ~ #4 on the hot 100 (High Hopes), if Twenty One Pilots' two highest charting songs both peaked in ~ #2 on the exact same chart (Stressed Out and also Heathens). Both bands only have actually one various other top ten single. Panic! in ~ the Disco has actually I write Sins no Tragedies at #7 if Twenty One Pilots has Ride in ~ #5.

Panic! at the Disco has actually spent much longer at the number one spot because that the warm Rock songs chart (ten main longer) 보다 Twenty One Pilots. However, Twenty One Pilots has had 4 songs reach the number one clues while Panic! in ~ the Disco just has had 2. In addition, Twenty One Pilots' most recent solitary (Level of Concern) is at this time the number one song, which could shorten the space of ten weeks even more.

Twenty One Pilots has actually 2 peak ten albums while Panic! at the Disco has had 5. Store in mind the they started 8 year earlier and found mainstream attention lot sooner in their career. Ns am sure every album put out indigenous both sides later on will at least crack the height 10 for this reason this isn't really that important.

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Twenty One Pilots have end up being much much more successful in a lot smaller amount of time. However, both artists room still very great and do awesome music. Ns hope this comment doesn't come off as me disliking Panic! at the Disco due to the fact that I don't. This is simply me make the efforts to carry out evidence for my viewpoint. Panic! in ~ the Disco makes cool music and also if friend haven't heard the them before you should absolutely check lock out.

So... Yeah! present Level that Concern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loOWKm8GW6A