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We’ve every been there: the breakup has actually been brutal.

You’ve spent many lonely nights struggling over whether the decision to leave was the best one.

Should ns have broken up v her?

Why did she break up with me?

Is she the one who obtained away?

Does she miss me?

The last one “does she miss out on me,” always hits the hardest. You just spent month or year of her life together, and also now you both life solo. It’s natural to miss your former partner, and also it’s completely normal come wonder if she misses girlfriend back.

But exactly how do you recognize she misses you? and how perform you understand if her missing you mean she desires to begin again?

Keep reading to find out 10 indications your ex-girlfriend misses you and wants come restart your relationship.

10 signs your ex-girlfriend misses you

1) She stalks friend on the internet

Unless you have actually willpower of steel, you’ve most likely been guilty that this together well.

Your ex is no different. She’s probably keeping tabs top top what you’re act by feather on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.


She wants to understand what you’re increase to. She wants to check out if you going the end on dates, see anyone…

She desires to view if you have actually “moved on.”

She might be feather to check out if you’ve kept any type of of your old image together, or if you’ve practically scrubbed her totally from her social media.

Now, it’s hard to call for certain if she’s been stalking you, however a crucial sign the she’s still on her social media is if girlfriend get any likes or comments from her.

Keep one eye ~ above those likes and also comments. That just might be her trying to check the waters.

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2) She’s actively making girlfriend jealous

Nothing claims “I haven’t relocated on” much more than a bunch that photos saying “look at how much fun I’m having.”

If she posting a ton of photos on society media of her hanging out and partying through a bunch of guy friends, odds room that she trying to acquire a increase out that you.

She wants to do you jealous.

She desires you to say something.

It doesn’t necessarily matter if you broke up through her or she damaged up with you, if she’s posting picture of her having a an excellent time, the post is strictly because that you. She desires it come say “this is mine life without you,” but what she’s really saying is “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

This begs the question, what room you doing to do her jealous in return?

Jealousy is a powerful thing; use it to your advantage. Yet use it wisely.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try this “Jealousy” text

“I think it to be a great idea that we decided to begin dating other people. I do just want to it is in friends right now!”

By saying this, you’re informing your ex the you’re actually dating other world right now… which will consequently make her jealous.

This is a great thing.

You’re connecting to her ex that you’re actually want by various other women. By saying the you’re dating about already, you’re pretty much saying that “it’s your loss!”

The best thing is the you’ll induce a “fear the loss” in her ex i beg your pardon will cause her attraction because that you again.

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3) She keeps contacting you


This is an obvious one: if she’s reaching out come you, she misses you.

Maybe she sends you a text asking how you’re doing. Perhaps she keeps bumping into you “randomly” throughout the week. Probably she mentions the she’d prefer to come end to acquire her stuff back.

But whenever the time for her to in reality come over and rip away the band-aid, she’ll suddenly readjust her mind. Or she’ll constantly “forget” to choose up all of her items, definition she needs to come end again and again.

Whatever it is, it normally happens frequently.

If your ex proceeds to contact you, she’s looking for excuses to talk to you.

If she desires to talk to you, it method she misses you.

4) She dates automatically after her breakup

It’s the standard rebound.

Right after ~ a painful breakup, she looks for companionship in someone else’s arms.

Your ex is a swirling mix of puzzled emotions, grief, and also loneliness. She not used to spending she nights and also weekends solo, therefore she’s trying to find someone come fill that gap.

She’s not trying to find a brand-new love; she’s trying to find someone to it is in a stand-in for she old relationship.

She’s not going to be seriously cursed to this new guy. Instead, she’s just using him to document over her emotionally wounds from the breakup. You could even notice that the new guy looks prefer you or even has some similar personality traits.

Again, she just trying to find a replacement for you because she misses you.

5) She keeps talking to her friends


This is a small bit of a sneaky one, so you have to keep in an excellent contact with your friends come make certain they let you know if this happens.

Basically, her ex keeps dropping a line to your friends. What’s she asking about? You, primarily.

She’ll ask just how you’ve been, if you’re seeing anyone, if you miss her, all manner of questions that she wants to questioning you, but is also scared to actually carry out in person.

Instead, she tries come make your friends the go-between, make them lug her emotionally water.

If she had actually moved on, she wouldn’t bother asking around you. Instead, she hasn’t relocated on at all and wants to recognize if you feeling the very same way.

If she asking your friends about you, it’s a classic sign that she misses you.

6) She’s talking to her family

This is favor sign number five yet on steroids. Once your ex messages your friends, the a quite solid sign she misses you.

When she reaches out to her family, she desperate.

She viewed your family as virtually her family. Once you damaged up, she shed that connection.

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Now, together your ex, she’s trying come leverage that link to your household in stimulate to save tabs on you.