Great ar w alot of have actually blown glass& pendants & new items superior customer business friendly and talkative.

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This provided to it is in my #1 place to go, the previous week Ive been in 2x and was sold 2 faulty batteries for my vape cartridge at 36dollars and also they wouldnt compensate me at all likewise picked up a clensing kit that expenses me 40$ which I could have purchase for half the price a mile up the roadway or indigenous Amazon. What ns paid for was the convenience the the keep being therefore close come home, open minded if I had actually time ns wouldnt have actually gone to trip. Like I said pilgrimage on the wild next was as soon as the location to go yet its gotten really expensive and if you gain something the doesnt work-related dont mean them to carry out anything to do it right. Its around money now not taking treatment of your people.

Excellent customer business from anyone is over there at the time. Excellent selection and an option to select from.

The employee is yes, really knowledgeable about all of their product and super helpful. I have gone a couple times and also received excellent business every time. Pretty certain Ive bought something every time ive gone.

Great selection, staff is incredibly knowledgeable and an extremely helpful! the cat is also frickin lover ;D

Has whatever you require for flavored smokers paradise. Love the cat and lizard. I would recomend Trips top top The Wild next to every my friends.

Been in here countless times, constantly get greeted, always friendly even if the shop is a small busy. Very good atmosphere in this shop, ive recommended this place to so numerous of mine friends. Will definitely keep coming below as lengthy as ns here.

This is by much the best smoke shop in the north country. Everything your needs are from accessories to tobacco and tubes and also the prices are excellent.

Best exhilaration shop in town! They have actually the greatest and largest an option for countless miles. All your tobacco accessories, incense, jewelry, clothing, dart supplies, and even one adult room for her naughty novelties!

This is a exorbitant store. Huge display area, at sight friendly staff.. Good prices too! and they have a vast amount of inventory... Every little thing from bongs to zig zags.Go on certain days and you have the right to watch castle blowing glass! i Love this place

Very nice and also knowledgeable keep clerk. Medium sized choice of glass and accessories. Little Vape section.

When im in a pinch and dont have actually time to wait because that it ill walk here. They have a wide selection and trusted staff.

Absolutely love this location owner Tammy has always been sweet and also helpful. Everyone the I have actually encountered there has been nice and also ready to assist if u have any type of questions. Tooter has been an excellent on discounts and also his wife Tammy. Periodically I go in just to look around and see what new goodies they have to offer. They take a personal interest in all that come in

I went in for silver- screens. To be greeted at the door by the friendliest kitty cat...go in for yourself and also see whats on the way out (left of the former door). This ar is awesome, if I lived closer I would certainly be over there a lot!

Very to adjust back, hassle cost-free shopping experience. Many of ingredient if she looking to kick tires, or 4 a fast in and out. Perfect every time!!!

Amazing service, friendly and also amazing, dope ass cat. Price are an excellent overall the biggest place up in the north country. Defiantly a place to save coming ago too

Awesome !!! biggest an option of glassware in town, competitive prices and an extremely friendly and helpful staff...

This place is pretty they have actually allot that cool stuff including clothing and also much more.. Much more than a head shop.. Check it out..

Place was pretty chill, they got a vast iguana over there so if anyone is reasoning of do the efforts anything ns really dont recommend it

Incredibly creative hand puffy glass and accessories.... Optimal notch.. Prices ideal based on skill involved.

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Love the handmade glass and also some by regional artist! staff is always friendly and the muliti-colored cat and massive iguana room fun come see!

These guys have actually most that the things that you would realistically expect. Additionally their prices are really competitive, as far as I deserve to tell, because that the area. This location now my go to spot.

Address:671 Mill St, Watertown, NY 13601, joined StatesSite: 315-788-9916