Police started a find for the auto of Treme gibbs Michael Showers ~ above Thursday, after the 44-year-old’s human body was found in the Mississippi River.

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On Friday, the orleans Parish coroner’s office revealed the Showers died of drowning, possibly two days prior to his body was found, notes brand-new Orleans’ Times-Picayune newspaper..

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s remarkable DeathsThe actor lived in Chalmette v his girlfriend, who reported him absent on Tuesday as soon as he failed to return native the French 4 minutes 1 after a night out through a friend, follow the AP. The woman likewise told police that Showers was newly diagnosed v multiple sclerosis and also suffered from severe depression.

STORY: ‘Treme,’ ‘Breaking Bad’ gibbs Star discovered Dead in Mississippi RiverShower’s human body was discovered on Wednesday morning by the captain of the Natchez riverboat about 11:15 a.m.

He played a police Capt. John Guidry on the HBO series, and previous credits include The Vampire Diaries, Traffic and the upcoming film Columbiana.

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Toxicolgy tests for drubs and also alcohol will certainly be revealed in ~ a later on date.


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