After hosting the televised event, the Black-ish star addressed civilization who were commenting about her eye on social media

After hosting the 2017 American Music Awards, Tracee Ellis Ross had some choice words for those making fun of her twitching eye. 

\"My left eye is at house in bed,\" the Black-ish star said in an Instagram video. \"It's favor ‘Bye. I'm done working.' my left eye is done.\" 

Ross knew people were commenting around her eye on society media throughout Sunday night's broadcast.

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\"I understand you all make funny of my eyes. You know what ns mean?\" the actress later on added. \"Well, f--k off since it's not my fault. Alright? My body does what it does. Ns don't understand why. Yet sometimes as soon as I'm exhausted this one just provides up. It's just like, ‘Goodnight.'\" 

Still, Ross wasn't going come let the haters save her down. 

\"Go ahead. Make fun of mine eyes,\" she said. \"But i think they're nice. I think they're for this reason nice.\"

Watch the video clip to view her deal with the situation.

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Even through her twitching eye, Ross efficiently pulled off her hosting duties. The actress wore a variety of stylish outfits throughout the three-hour televised event and presented her mother Diana Ross v the Lifetime success Award.

She likewise made certain the entirety evening ran smoothly—hardly simple task. The alphabet broadcast consisted of many memorable moments, including Kelly Clarkson and also Pink's opened performance, Selena Gomez's return to the stage and Christina Aguilera's tribute come Whitney Houston.

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Even with the society media haters, it looks like the host took pleasure in her evening. Component of her video clip caption read, \"BEST NIGHT EVER.\"

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