Rusev is surprised when Lana reveals just how she feels around having kids, Alexa Bliss adopts a pet piglet, Natalya has trouble with her brand-new tenants – she parents, and The Bellas start preparing for their in-ring comeback ~ above E!’s total Divas, airing Wednesdays at 9/8 C.




A post-baby Brie Bella gets ago in the ring: complete Divas Preview Clip, Dec. 6, 2017
through her SmackDown Women’s Championship complement on the horizon, Natalya takes the moment this main to realize one other personal dream: to buy her parents a house. The difficulty is, her mother and also father are terrible tenants, clogging the kitchen sink, bringing a dog right into the house where it timeless relieves itself, and also parking a golf cart on the front lawn. Nattie’s mom decides it could be much better to implement a conventional landlord-tenant agreement between them, i m sorry actually turns out to it is in less constricting than Nattie’s feedback when she visits. Through a equipment in place that satisfies everyone, Natalya signs the contract through her parents.

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\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\"Rusev\n\n"}>,"takeover_bg":"\/f\/2018\/10\/Network_Video_Splash_Image--857cdd913705083d053590c09b1a91b9.jpg"}">Rusev defines to Lana why heA serious discussion ensues after Lana speak Rusev the her current priority is her career, not beginning a family.

Rusev wants kids. Did you understand Rusev wants kids? Lana knows, however she isn’t rather ready to make the leap, in spite of her husband pushing the issue on lot of occasions. She does do the misstep the bringing increase the discussion during Rusev’s Bulgarian surname day party, which happens to encompass Alexa Bliss (and her adorable micropig, Larry Steve, whom Rusev is cartoonishly smitten with), Nia Jax and Sheamus. Rusev isn’t thrilled that Lana would air the couple’s dirty to wash in prior of your friends, yet The Ravishing Russian lastly gets it right into his head the she just isn’t ready to put her life and career ~ above hold, and also Rusev agrees come wait until the moment is right.

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New illustration of total Divas wait Wednesdays in ~ 9/8 C top top E!.

Things gain awkward as soon as Lana and also Rusev have a personal talk around having kids: total Divas Preview Clip, Dec. 5, 2017