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Among castle is Alicia Fox, whose deep-rooted family issues took precedent. She welcomed her sister, Christina, and mother, Deborah, come Jacksonville in an effort to reconnect. Over there is distance and also some underlying hostility with her mom. Deborah apparently blew a pilgrimage to Houston turn off to join Alicia on the roadway for a couple of days without any great reason.

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This is plainly weighing greatly on Alicia’s mind. She likewise wanted come use the time to provide the negative news the a family friend, Pritchy, to be sick. He was a father figure to Alicia cultivation up and was a previous love of Deborah’s. Alicia felt she required to carry out it in person. It turns out Deborah knew around Pritchy’s clinical issues, which harms Alicia further.

They gain into a verbal argument. Deborah goes on the offensive, saying she did the finest she might for her children as a single parent. The evening doesn’t end on a an excellent note. Christina tries to obtain Alicia to patience down. She is the voice of reason, informing her not to come to their mommy from a location of anger.

Brie Bella invites twin sister Nikki and their brother JJ to harbor Townsend, Washington to see where her and husband Daniel were thinking of perhaps living. Nikki no a pan of the idea, emotion it’s in the center of nowhere. During the pilgrimage she bring away Bryan’s $50 gambling to prove she can excel in ~ camping. It was a quick few bucks for Bryan as soon as Nikki called it quits after she went inside to usage the bathroom instead of the good outdoors. The ns doesn’t avoid her from wanting to get involved in much more activities.

She desires to readjust Brie and also Bryan’s perspective that she is high maintenance. Wilderness Nikki goes fly fishing with brother JJ. She takes in the experience, i m sorry gets she thinking about everyone farming up and moving on in their resides without her. She is feeling insecure about the changes. Nikki has the heat of reasoning that Brie and Bryan wanting to live so far away in the boondocks was to produce some street from her. They tell her that isn’t the case and they like having actually her together the 3rd wheel.

Rosa has her infant shower, yet remains hurt Paige can not come due to the fact that of a TV show. Paige feel bad about missing the event and ends increase attending the shower head after all. After all she did take care of the planning of it. Paige reveals to Rosa why she has actually been acting the method she has lately. Paige states if she can not be a mum, she will certainly be the ideal aunt ever.

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This was plainly an emotional episode for Alicia and also Paige. Every has sustained some severe struggles many face in their very own lives. The two-part season finale the Total Divas is comes up end the next two weeks. Watch the drama unfold 9 p.m. ET Tuesdays on E!.


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