Have you ever before thought come yourself that it’s not a good day today, and then watch your mind and body spiral downwards helplessly? this feelings are all part of the person experience, no issue age, gender, circumstance, wellness or wealth. You are not alone.

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What i hope to show with this post is the humankind that resides deep in ~ every solitary one that us. I hope come reach the end to anyone who sick or otherwise, and also feels like today is no a great day. That is emotion beaten, broken, sore, down or defeated.

Hang in there. I and many others room thinking the you, rooting because that you and also wishing you well. Depression is an insidious beast. Don’t let the fool you right into thinking that if it’s no a good day, climate you need to be a bad person or a burden to those about you.

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Today is no a good Day to make Decisions

It is just one of those dull days whereby food has actually lost all appeal, and also I am can not to eat. In the process, it starves mine mind the energy. Simple questions morph into complex equations that call for colossal effort to answer.

I must eat, but I don’t know what, and also I don’t know if ns can. I should work, however my mental is a blur as it keeps readjusting its focus; the fog in my mind is unsubstantial and also therefore impossible to fight.

I feeling nothing. Ns feel weight. The load of naught bearing under on my chest, crushing against my lungs. Breath requires aware effort, together my body has forgotten its organic rhythm.

I feel drowsy and also with that, a little high. My body digs into its reserves and also conjures pleasure because that payment, for the delinquent pains that has overstayed that welcome.

I feel drained of every emotion, yet i sob through grief. The reason is unknown. Ns feel numb yet anxious, a paradox showing the discord in between mind and also body. Anxiety has burrowed itself deep into my stomach, taunting me from within myself. I wish I can punch my gut to it is in rid of it.

I lie in bed and stare at the wall. Ns sit on the sofa and stare at the floor. I carry out all the things that I need to do, work that other world expect of me. My own needs can wait, together the have to not transaction is bigger than that.

My thoughts room mush; I traction them in a net with a marsh. Ns wade for the benefits of wading, breathe for the services of breathing. To waste part time to arrive at nightfall. Come sleep in hope of waking approximately a better tomorrow. Periodically that’s every it takes.

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Today is not a good Day, so be sort to Yourself

Today is no a good day to make decisions, and that’s okay. No have to reprimand or exactly yourself, it will not readjust anything.

Save that energy to complete any type of necessary work for the day – friend will need it. If there is no pressing issue at hand, then offer yourself the day off to carry out absolutely nothing. It no a crime. Don’t feeling guilty about it, be type to yourself.

Just cruise follow me without judgment, and also release every the rules her ego has actually made up. “Don’t pity yourself.” posesthe that. “You must be act something helpful with your life.” posesthe that. “You shouldn’t be wasting her time.” fuck that, too.

Fuck should and shouldn’t. You need to just sit and let the be for today, or it will demand for an ext attention tomorrow, with more fire in the belly.

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Sometimes even if girlfriend Lose, friend Win

You don’t need to decide right currently if you don’t want to. Let every thoughts and also feelings sink and also settle in ~ the bottom. The ones that are light will increase up wherein it’s bright.

Get part sun, perhaps. That might aid a little. And you need to remember that maybe it to be a wasted day, however that doesn’t mean a defeated life. Friend may lose a few battles, however you have the right to still win this war.

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You can even fold her cards and also give in come depression for a ring or two, as soon as it is noticeable that play a attracted out video game with it will only end in enlarge losses.

As Eliezer Wiesel said, “There room victories that the soul and also spirit. Sometimes, even if friend lose, you win.”

Hang in there and see the through. In ~ the end of the all, girlfriend will understand why, but you mustn’t provide up now. No today, no tomorrow, not until time is all set for you.