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Many type of users uncover that using an exterior keyboard through keyboard shortcuts for Excel helps them work-related even more properly. For individuals with mobility or vision disabilities, key-board shortcuts deserve to be simpler than utilizing the touchdisplay, and also are a crucial alternate to making use of a mouse. 


The shortcuts in this topic describe the US keyboard layout. Keys for other layouts could not correspond specifically to the secrets on a US keyboard.

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A plus authorize (+) in a shortcut implies that you need to push multiple secrets at the same time.

A comma authorize (,) in a shortreduced indicates that you must press multiple keys in order.

This short article defines the key-board shortcuts, attribute keys, and some various other prevalent shortcut secrets in Excel for Windows.


To conveniently uncover a shortcut in this write-up, you have the right to use the Search. Press Ctrl+F, and then form your search words.

In this topic

Ribbon keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for formatting cells

Frequently offered shortcuts

This table lists the many frequently used shortcuts in Excel.

To do this


Close a workbook


Open a workbook


Go to the Home tab


Save a workbook








Rerelocate cell contents


Choose a fill color

Alt+H, H



Go to Insert tab




Center align cell contents

Alt+H, A, C

Go to Page Layout tab


Go to Data tab


Go to View tab


Open context menu

Shift+F10, or

Context key

Add borders

Alt+H, B

Delete column

Alt+H, D, C

Go to Formula tab


Hide the schosen rows


Hide the selected columns


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Ribbon keyboard shortcuts

The ribbon teams associated choices on tabs. For example, on the Home tab, the Number team has the Number Format alternative. Press the Alt essential to screen the ribbon shortcuts, called Key Tips, as letters in tiny images beside the tabs and alternatives as shown in the image below.


You deserve to combine the Key Tips letters via the Alt key to make shortcuts called Access Keys for the ribbon choices. For example, push Alt+H to open up the Home tab, and Alt+Q to relocate to the Tell me or Search area. Press Alt aacquire to view KeyTips for the choices for the selected tab.

In Office 2013 and Office 2010, many of the old Alt crucial food selection shortcuts still occupational, as well. However, you should know the complete shortcut. For instance, press Alt, and then press one of the old menu secrets E (Edit), V (View), I (Insert), and also so on. A notification pops up saying you"re utilizing an access essential from an earlier version of couchsurfingcook.com Office. If you know the whole vital sequence, go ahead and usage it. If you don"t understand the sequence, push Esc and also usage Key Tips rather.

Use the Access secrets for ribbon tabs

To go directly to a tab on the ribbon, push among the following accessibility keys. Additional tabs might show up depending on your selection in the worksheet.

To do this


Move to the Tell me or Search field on the Ribbon and type a search term for assistance or Aid content.

Alt+Q, then enter the search term.

Open the File web page and also use Backstage check out.


Open the Home tab and also format text and numbers and use the Find tool.


Open the Insert tab and insert PivotTables, charts, add-ins, Sparklines, photos, forms, headers, or message boxes.


Open the Page Layout tab and also occupational via themes, page setup, scale, and also alignment.


Open the Formulas tab and insert, map, and customize features and calculations.


Open the Data tab and also affix to, kind, filter, analyze, and work through information.


Open the Review tab and inspect spelling, add notes and threaded comments, and also protect sheets and also workbooks.


Open the View tab and preview web page breaks and also layouts, display and also hide gridlines and also headings, set zoom magnification, control home windows and panes, and also see macros.


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Work in the ribbon through the keyboard

To perform this


Select the active tab on the ribbon, and also activate the accessibility secrets.

Alt or F10. To move to a various tab, use access secrets or the arrowhead keys.

Move the emphasis to commands on the ribbon.

Tab key or Shift+Tab

Move dvery own, up, left, or appropriate, respectively, among the items on the Ribbon.

Arrow keys

Activate a schosen switch.

Spacebar or Enter

Open the list for a selected command.

Down arrowhead key

Open the food selection for a selected button.

Alt+Dvery own arrowhead key

When a food selection or subfood selection is open, relocate to the next command also.

Down arrow key

Expand also or collapse the ribbon.


Open a context menu.


Or, on a Windows keyboard, the Context vital (in between the right Alt and ideal Ctrl keys)

Move to the subfood selection as soon as a major food selection is open up or selected.

Left arrow key

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Keyboard shortcuts for navigating in cells

To do this


Move to the previous cell in a worksheet or the previous choice in a dialog.


Move one cell up in a worksheet.

Up arrow key

Move one cell down in a worksheet.

Dvery own arrow key

Move one cell left in a worksheet.

Left arrow key

Move one cell ideal in a worksheet.

Right arrow key

Move to the edge of the existing datan area in a worksheet.

Ctrl+Arrow key

Get in the End mode, move to the following nonempty cell in the same column or row as the energetic cell, and also revolve off End mode. If the cells are empty, relocate to the last cell in the row or column.

End, Arrow key

Move to the last cell on a worksheet, to the lowest used row of the rightmany provided column.


Extend the selection of cells to the last supplied cell on the worksheet (lower-right corner).


Move to the cell in the upper-left corner of the window when Scroll Lock is turned on.

Home+Scroll Lock

Move to the beginning of a worksheet.


Move one display screen down in a worksheet.

Page Down

Move to the following sheet in a workbook.

Ctrl+Page Down

Move one display screen to the appropriate in a worksheet.

Alt+Page Down

Move one screen up in a worksheet.

Page Up

Move one display to the left in a worksheet.

Alt+Page Up

Move to the previous sheet in a workbook.

Ctrl+Page Up

Move one cell to the appropriate in a worksheet. Or, in a defended worksheet, relocate between unlocked cells.

Tab key

Open the list of validation options on a cell that has information validation choice applied to it.

Alt+Dvery own arrow key

Cycle via floating shapes, such as text boxes or imeras.

Ctrl+Alt+5, then the Tab crucial repeatedly

Exit the floating shape navigation and go back to the normal navigation.


Scroll horizontally.

Ctrl+Shift, then scroll your computer mouse wheel as much as go left, down to go right

Zoom in.


Zoom out.


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Keyboard shortcuts for formatting cells

To execute this


Open the Style Cells dialog.


Style fonts in the Format Cells dialog.

Ctrl+Shift+F or Ctrl+Shift+P

Edit the active cell and also put the insertion point at the end of its contents. Or, if modifying is turned off for the cell, move the insertion allude into the formula bar. If editing and enhancing a formula, toggle Point mode off or on so you can use arrowhead keys to develop a reference.


Insert a note

Open and also edit a cell note



Insert a threaded comment

Open and also reply to a threaded comment



Open the Insert dialog to insert blank cells.

Ctrl+Shift+Plus authorize (+)

Open the Delete dialog to delete schosen cells.

Ctrl+Minus sign (-)

Get in the existing time.

Ctrl+Shift+colon (:)

Enter the existing date.

Ctrl+semi-colon (;)

Switch between displaying cell worths or formulas in the worksheet.

Ctrl+grave accent (`)

Copy a formula from the cell above the energetic cell right into the cell or the Formula Bar.

Ctrl+apostrophe (")

Move the selected cells.


Copy the schosen cells.


Paste content at the insertion point, replacing any selection.


Open the Paste Special dialog.


Italicize text or rerelocate italic formatting.

Ctrl+I or Ctrl+3

Bold text or rerelocate bold formatting.

Ctrl+B or Ctrl+2

Underline text or rerelocate underline.

Ctrl+U or Ctrl+4

Apply or remove strikethrough formatting.


Switch in between hiding objects, displaying objects, and also displaying placeholders for objects.


Apply an outline border to the schosen cells.

Ctrl+Shift+ampersand (&)

Remove the outline border from the selected cells.

Ctrl+Shift+underline (_)

Display or hide the outline icons.


Use the Fill Dvery own command to copy the contents and format of the topa lot of cell of a schosen range into the cells listed below.


Apply the General number format.

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Ctrl+Shift+tilde sign (~)

Apply the Currency format via two decimal locations (negative numbers in parentheses).