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Mimi's Cafe

AVAILABLE AS-VACANT but ARE right now OPERATING. PLEASE do NOT DISTURB employee OR PATRONSPrime outlot place at the major entrance the the Orchard shopping Center

Prime outlot ar at the primary entrance that the Orchard to buy Center


repertoire Street cross Street traffic Volume Year distance
W 144th Ave Orchard Pkwy 16,265 2018 0.19 mi
W 144th Ave Orchard Pkwy 19,906 2013 0.19 mi
W 144th Ave Huron St 22,788 2018 0.24 mi
Huron St W 145th Way 12,011 2018 0.32 mi
Huron St W 144th Ave 10,985 2018 0.33 mi
W 144th Ave Jason Dr 21,465 2018 0.40 mi
E 144th Ave Washington St 19,747 2018 0.54 mi
E 144th Ave Washington St 17,492 2015 0.54 mi
I- 25 E 136th Ave 125,186 2017 0.63 mi
I- 25 E 136th Ave 105,703 2020 0.63 mi


Airport drive walk street
Denver worldwide Airport 41 min 27.1 mi


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