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a video game by EA Tiburon
Platforms: XBox 360, playstation 3
Editor Rating: 8/10, based upon 1 evaluation
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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If girlfriend are even a casual fan of golf, climate you will likely recognize that The Masters room the to mark of any pro golfer’s career. The possibility of winning numerous dollars, no to point out one of those snazzy blazers is what drives many professional golfers. For this reason it appears only appropriate that the Tiger Woods PGA series covers the vain exclusively, allowing players to feel the excitement, the pressure and also the spectacle the the event. Plus, Tiger does host the record for many Masters wins even today, so there is no far better player to stand for this competition. This game plays much like other games within the PGA series of games. However, looking external this series, the game plays similarly to games line Everybody’s Golf, world Tour Golf, The Golf society 2 and also Golf King: world Tour. This title aims to continue the success the the PGA game series while showcasing The master in all its glory. Therefore does the game sink the putt, or does that fall below par? We find out in our testimonial of Tiger Woods PGA tour 2012: The Masters.

Becoming The Master

Let’s start with the biggest addition to this game, The Masters. This game uses the very same tactic together it’s predecessor supplied a year back with the Ryder Cup. You’ll be able to play with the amateur leagues, best up come the agree circuit, play with the large guns and also then eventually, the pay turn off is playing and hopefully win The Masters. The a tactic the keeps the player engaged, gives them a long term goal to work towards and also of course, that doesn’t love one underdog story.

Then in enhancement to this, the video game really doubles down on The masters theme. Football player will be able to partake in a challenge mode where you will certainly be tasked v recreating iconic master moments. Plus, a Tiger Woods at the master recreation whereby you have actually to match or win Tiger’s score at each hole. It’s an incredible way to permit players an all accessibility pass to The master of past and also present day and we have to commend the developer because that that.

All Gimmicks, No Substance

FIFA, NBA and other sports gamings have constantly been met v criticism the they never ever truly readjust their game enough to warrant purchase a brand-new installment year on year. Well, we would certainly argue that Tiger Woods PGA tour 2012: The master belongs in this bracket too. The gameplay is basically no different than the game presented a year ago. Yes, it’s great that there are lots of new modes and also gimmicks, but where is the meat, the substance. The location is a carbon copy that the last title and also the brand-new modes only aid to soften the blow, yet it’s tho a kick in th teeth.

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The Verdict

Regardless that the fact that this video game is a carbon copy the the previous year’s instalment. We need to say the it’s still the best golf game of its time by a lengthy shot. The brand-new modes make the game an ext fun and also engaging, the Masters template was taken on much much better than the Ryder Cup template from the year before.

The gameplay is still 2nd to none and also with all the licenced content and true to fact courses, this game is among the finest golf title that we have ever seen even to this day. It loser marks for originality, yet we would certainly still say go ago and try this one.


The Master’s theme is taken on expertlyThe variety of challenges and also game modes are excellentGraphics room superb because that the time