Motion can be characterized as a adjust in the location (position) the a physical object or body through respect come a reference point i.e the amount of distance covered by the physics object.

This ultimately implies that, motion would take place as a result of a readjust in location (position) of an item with respect come a reference point or structure of recommendation i.e whereby it was standing before the result of an external force.

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Mathematically, the movement of an item is defined in regards to acceleration, time, distance, speed, velocity, displacement, position, etc.

Hence, street is the measured worth (always positive) indigenous one allude to another.

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Mathematically, distance is given by the formula;

Distance = rate * time

Also, the S.I unit because that measuring the distance spanned by a physical object is meters.



Animals answer in various methods to stimuli detected with their senses. Few of these responses are created by the presence of danger. Which of these animal responses is the ideal example the a an answer to an immediate threat? a) a rooster crows every morning in ~ the very first sign the light. B) as something viewpoints an octopus, the shoots a cloud that ink. C) from late loss until spring, bear hibernate to maintain energy. Reactivate d) a dog is obtaining hot in the sunlight, so he move to a shaded area.
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Physics, 21.06.2019 23:00
If one inclined plane is 5 m long and 2 m high, what is its mechanically advantage? a. 2.5 b. 3 c. 7 d. 10
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Physics, 22.06.2019 00:30
Comedians like to joke the the reason we haven’t been went to by smart life from elsewhere in the cosmos is that aliens have been surveillance earth’s broadcasts of intellectually embarrassing tv programs, like gilligan’s island, fear factor, the jersey shore, and also the jerry springer showand so consider us far too primitive come merit a visit. Let’s examine the assertion the aliens might have to be receiving them. Tv programs are broadcast at a frequency of about 100mhz with about 100kw of total power in 30frames every second, which emanatesroughly uniformly in every directions. Assume that interstellar space transmits this broadcasts without attenuation. No matter exactly how smart they are, aliens would need at the very least one photon per structure to translate our signals. Findthe variety of photons every unit time every unit area getting to a receiver on a possible planet in the nearest star system, i beg your pardon is around 4 light-years far (a light-year is the street light travels in a year). If aliens aimed a recipient or detector straight at earth, how huge (in diameter) would it have to be to obtain a photon per frame
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An electric force of 8.0 times 10^-5 newton exists in between two allude charges, q_1 and q_2. If the distance between the charges is doubled, the new electrical force between the charges will be 1.6 time 10^-4 n 2.0 time 10^-5 n 3.2 times 10^-4 n 4.0 time 10^-5 n