1 Introduction To Computers And Programming2 Input, Processing, And Output3 Modules4 Decision Structures And Boolean Logic5 Repetition Structures6 Functions7 Input Validation8 Arrays9 Sorting And Searching Arrays10 Files11 Menu-driven Programs12 Text Processing13 Recursion14 Object-oriented Programming15 Gui Applications And Event-moved Programming
6.1 Summary To Functions: Generating Random Numbers6.2 Writing Your Own Functions6.3 More Library FunctionsChapter Questions

This is a precreated function that is developed into a programming language.

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a. typical function b. library attribute c. tradition attribute d. cafeteria function

The precreated function that is used to build right into a programming language is a library attribute.

Hence, the correct answer is choice “B”.

Library Function:

Many kind of programming langueras are come via a library functions which implies the features are currently written for the languages. It is referred to as library feature.These functions are developed right into the programming languages and the programmer have the right to contact that features whenever they desire to accessibility it.The library features percreate a lot of of the jobs that the programmers generally desire to perdevelop so it makes much easier for the programmer.

Explacountry for incorrect options:

Standard Function:

The traditional function is not a valid build-in feature.

Hence, the option “A” is wrong.

Custom Function:

The custom attribute is not a valid build-in attribute.

Hence, the choice “C” is wrong.

The cafeteria function is not a valid build-in attribute.

Cafeteria Function:

Hence, the choice “D” is wrong.

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