2. Employment of medical and health services supervisors is supposed to adjust by what percent between 2012 and 2022?

A) add to 12 percent

B) plus 50 percent

C) Minus 10 percent

D) add to 23 percent

E) Minus 12 percent

3. The inner domain of health care management contains which that the following?

A) neighborhood demographics

B) Regulations

C) Budgeting

D) Managed treatment organizations/insurers

E) Competitors

4. The external domain the health treatment management contains which that the following? A) Staffing B) high quality services C) medical professional relations D) patient satisfaction E) Medicare/Medicaid

5. What is the connection of organizational mission, values, and vision?

A) Vision shapes mission

B) Mission forms values that form vision

C) Values shape mission that forms vision

D) purposes shape mission and values

E) no one of these are correct.

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6. This function refers come the setup of reporting and responsibility relationships within a administrate unit:

A) Controlling

B) organizing

C) Staffing

D) Planning

E) Decision Making

7. This duty refers come acquiring and also retaining person resources:

A) Controlling

B) to plan

C) Staffing

D) Organizing

E) Decision Making

8. As compared to an elderly managers, lower-level supervisors have:

A) much more authority

B) The same authority

C) much less authority

D) authority that depends on experience

E) government that relies on education

9. The most typically used organizational structure is:

A) Matrix, or team-based

B) organization line management

C) practical

D) Divisional

E) nobody of these room correct.

10. This competency requires the capability to critically analyze and also solve complex problems:

A) theoretical

B) Interpersonal

C) Technical

D) conceptual and interpersonal

E) Interpersonal and technical

11. This competency mirrors expertise or capacity to execute a particular work task:

A) Conceptual

B) Interpersonal

C) technical

D) theoretical and interpersonal

E) Interpersonal and also technical

12. An organization mission is characterized as its:

A) Goals

B) desired future state

C) Values

D) function

E) Ownership

13. Larger institutions are much more likely come have all of the complying with EXCEPT:

A) upright structure

B) official chain that command

C) Larger expectancy of controls

D) unshened chain the command

E) vertical structure and also formal chain that command

14. Employee engagement is finest described as:

A) Employee interpersonal skills

B) Employee hopeful attitude

C) Employee an ideas and commitment come the organization *

D) Employee emphasis on completing your jobs

E) all of these space correct.

15. Management creation refers to improving:

A) monitoring thinking

B) Decision-making

C) just how operational tasks get accomplished

D) how the job-related of monitoring gets done

E) every one of these space correct.

16. Organizational culture is ideal known as:

A) Orientation of brand-new employees

B) senior management’s vision because that the organization

C) The mission the the organization

D) Beliefs, values, and also behaviors that characterize the company

E) every one of these room correct.

17. I beg your pardon of the following leadership development activities addresses learning and personal growth of aspiring leader as assisted by an elderly managers?

A) project enlargement

B) 360-degree feedback

C) Mentoring

D) all of these space correct.

E) nobody of these are correct.

18. Dashboards are:

A) A method to measure business performance

B) side panels in one automobile

C) normally seen in winter

D) an Olympic event

E) none of these are correct.

19. Succession planning is:

A) plan a career path in one organization

B) solemn event of an organization success

C) Not necessary anymore

D) strategy to replace managers who pensioner or relocate up

E) none of these room correct.

20. Standards of habits are defined as:

A) purposes of the organization

B) Expectations because that conduct for every employees

C) business performance targets

D) organizational mission

E) no one of these room correct.

21. Health care policy is:

A) Taken treatment of through someone other than a manager

B) no the business of a manager--they mind the budget

C) Every health care manager"s job

D) Taken treatment of by someone other than a manager, and not the service of a manager

E) no one of these are correct.

22. Self-management means:

A) regulating time and information

B) being responsive

C) maintaining current

D) all of these are correct.

E) nobody of these space correct.

23. Effective adjust management requires that managers:

A) emphasis on administration innovation

B) recognize performance gaps by on regular basis assessing operational activities and performance

C) Delegate supervision of change management to staff

D) Resist change and focus on the condition quo

E) nobody of these are correct.

24. Research study on leadership development programs mirrors that leadership breakthrough programs attain all the the complying with EXCEPT:

A) Enhance an abilities of staff

B) alleviate staff turnover

C) Improve performance in educational routine offerings

D) increase staff engagement

E) minimize staff absenteeism

25. I m sorry of the following competencies is much more leadership oriented than administration oriented?

A) Staffing personnel

B) Networking

C) Supervising the service provided

D) Overseeing adherence to regulations

26. I m sorry of the adhering to is no a contemporary leadership model?

A) Situational Approach

B) really Leadership

C) durable Leadership

D) maid Leadership

27. In which management domain would the competencies motivating and also negotiation be placed?

A) Functional and also Technical

B) Self-Development and also Self-Understanding

C) Interpersonal

D) Organizational

28. Which is a brand-new trend for health care governance?

A) focus on competence of separation, personal, instance providers

B) Fiduciary and strategic responsibilities

C) control change

D) larger boards

29. I beg your pardon is a guideline for health care leaders once being responsible to their company as every the ACHE code of Ethics?

A) provide appropriate accessibility to services

B) Proper resource allocation

C) have actually a procedure to evaluate quality of care

D) ensure a safe rectal environment

30. I m sorry is no a type of leader/follower the is essential to create an interdependent management system?

A) Strategic

B) Operational

C) Network

D) Transformational

31. I m sorry statement is no true around the "Great Man" theory?

A) uniform anyone that does no have details traits from aspiring come a leadership position

B) Traits crucial for reliable leaders are innate in the person

C) habits is crucial component in identify what provides a great leader

D) support the id that a an excellent leader has charisma

32. I m sorry theory locations its fist on the leaders who can develop flexible establishments that are able to meet the relentless succession of difficulties faced?

A) Path-Goal theory of Leadership

B) Adaptive Leadership

C) format Approach

D) really Leadership

33. Which leadership theory properly matches the proclaimed leadership focus?

A) Situational Approach: demands of the subordinates

B) Contingency and also Path-Goal: elevating consciousness and empowering followers

C) Leader-Member Exchange concept of Leadership: task completing and also developing relationships

D) global Leadership: Team performance and also development

34. Which one of the EI (Emotional Intelligence) dimensions is defined by having a propensity for reflection, an capacity to adapt to changes, and the power to to speak no come impulsive urges?

A) Motivation

B) Self-regulation

C) society skills

D) Empathy

35. Which version of management supports detect meaning?

A) Diversity Leadership

B) long lasting Leadership

C) Spirituality Leadership

D) servant Leadership

36. Indigenous the Leadership formats for wellness care, i beg your pardon one focuses on the leader setting high performance standards for his or she followers?

A) Participative style

B) Coaching style

C) Coercive style

D) Pacesetting style

37. Pick which is NOT one of the contending values under “Master Leadership”:

A) danger taker

B) Motivator

C) Analyzer

D) Vision-setter

38. I beg your pardon is considered a an essential barrier fairly than a difficulty for health treatment leadership?

A) Physicians

B) society of safety

C) women in top leadership positions

D) Value-based purchasing

39. Which new initiative needs a health care leader’s active engagement since it involves the knowledge that the circulation of health and wellness outcomes in ~ a specific population will be used to measure a health care organization’s success and determine its reimbursement?

A) populace health

B) Patient-family centeredness

C) leadership development

D) sequence planning

40. What is (are) the emphasis area(s) for health care leadership ethics?

A) Bioethics

B) Managerial ethics

C) social ethics

D) Bioethics and also managerial ethics

41. Discover an untrue statement around leadership in today"s health care industry.

A) Leaders can not be taught skills and behaviors.

B) numerous clinicians execute not have the monitoring training the would assist them in their new roles.

C) various sectors in health care have skilled associations that will assistance many elements of its certain career path.

D) Leaders have to continually be updated to the present environment.

42. Which is a leadership advance rather than a leader development?

A) A team based process

B) Leaders as individuals

C) The leader in participation with the superior

D) attached to leader’s performance quite than to organizational goals

43. The health care leader must consider the complying with special research problem if they are concerned about the future:

A) Evidence-based management

B) Staying existing in the field through miscellaneous resources

C) usage of large data sets for analyzing, reporting, and decision making

D) all of these room correct.

44. I beg your pardon is an untrue statement around the future of the health care field?

A) The patient Protection and also Affordable treatment for America plot will continue to it is in challenged.

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B) several of the vital elements figured out for success will certainly be perspective, adaptability, and also finding inner passion as a personal driving force.

C) Leaders will make the future by repetitively cycling with phases that foresight, insight, and also action.

D) The patient Protection and also Affordable treatment for America act provides full health treatment reform.