Creating a YouTube channel can help in fostering your business. You have the right to upload the video related to her products, connect to your industry through comments, and many more.

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However, Google Workspace individuals complained the they view an error once they try to create a YouTube channel. The error article says, “This account is no yet eligible to usage YouTube.”

Google Workspace is the brand-new name because that G Suite, a repertoire of tools and also apps for company collaboration. Users enable YouTube on their Google Admin console yet still see the issue.


Google is mindful when it comes to staying clear of spam accounts. Not allowing new Google Workspace account to access features top top YouTube from job one will help maintain your clean system. It will certainly avoid possible spamming ~ above comments and also content.

However, G Suite for Education and also G Suite because that Nonprofits editions customers will not encounter the error.

Minimum requirements for Google Workspace accounts to accessibility YouTube

Before you can accessibility features ~ above YouTube, friend will should be standard first. YouTube has criteria that will determine if her account is standard or not.

Your Google Workspace account must have actually been billed for at the very least $30.Your Google Workspace account need to remain open up for at the very least 30 days.

Once her account is eligible, you have the right to use YouTube functions like including comments and creating and uploading video clip content.

Fixing “This account is no yet eligible to usage YouTube” Error

One method to help you troubleshoot and finally solve this YouTube error is to speed up the payment. Because one the the requirements is to have actually at least $30 on her bill, you can pay her subscription arrangement in advance. Otherwise, girlfriend will have to wait a few months prior to you can accumulate the $30 payment on her account.

How to pay Google Workspace Subscription in Advance

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Prepayment of her Google Workspace Subscription is easy.

Login to your account.On the height left corner, click Menu.Choose Billing.Select Payment accounts.Click your Account ID.Under her Balance, pick Pay Early.Specify your payment.Click do a payment.Click the check button.Click obtained it.

You will should wait approximately 48 hours after prepaying her account.

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Will you pay the $30 in advance, or will you wait for Google to enable your brand-new account to use YouTube? let us know what friend think by share them in the comments below.