Calculate the diversity of each isotope Gallium consists of 2 naturally emerging isotopes through masses the 68.926 and also 70.925 amu. The median atomic massive of Ga is 69.70 amu. Calculate the variety of each isotope and also identify them by fixed number. (Remember far-ranging figures!)
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allow x = the portion that has actually a massive of 70.925,

then (1-x) = fraction that has actually a fixed of 68.926.

The amount of the 2 fractions times their masses will equation the typical atomic massive which is provided as 69.70

In equation kind this is:

70.925 * x +...

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Let x = the fraction that has actually a fixed of 70.925,

then (1-x) = portion that has actually a fixed of 68.926.

The sum of the two fractions times your masses will certainly equation the mean atomic mass which is provided as 69.70

In equation form this is:

70.925 * x + 68.926 * (1-x) = 69.70

Solve because that x:

70.925x + 68.926 - 68.926x = 69.70

1.99 x = 1.225

x = .6156

decimal portion times 100 = %

.6156 * 100 = 61.56%, therefore 61.56% is Ga-70.92 and also 38.44% is Ga-68.93.

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The two aspects with your mass numbers being:

Ga-71 and also Ga-69

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