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Transcribed photo text: A BC 16. The vertical drop of a currently channel over a particular distance is called the a. Gradient b. Velocity c. Volume d. Competency c. Discharge 17. A coast where the soil is climbing with respect to the sea level is an) coast. A. Drowning b. Submergent c. Emergent d. Tidal e. Karstic 11. In the present pictured above, inost deposition wake up at a. A b. B c. C d. A and C e deposition is the exact same at all three areas 12. The easiest method to to escape a rip present is to a. Swim in the direction of the coast b. Swim far from shore c. Swim parallel to coast d. Hope Jim Bob and also Bubba can rescue you e, no one of the over 18. The shallow submarine platform at the sheet of a continent is dubbed the a. Continent shelf b. Continental slope c. Continental rise d. Abyssal level e. Abysmal plain 13. Together young scafloor moves away from the spreading ridge a. It becomes brittle and an ext seismically energetic b. The cools and also contracts so the seafloor slopes away from the ridges c. It breaks up to form abyssal hills d. It begins to melt in the asthenosphere e. Nobody of the over 19. Jim Bob and also Bubba are searching for a lake where they can catch the infamous freshwater shark. Bubba clues a playa lake and also makes Jim Bob stop the truck. Jim Bob is concerned about their opportunities of landing the “Big One" due to the fact that a. Bubba forgot the bait b. Playa lakes are recharged by alpine glacial meltwater c. Playa lakes perform not contain new water d. Bubba hasn't caught a fish in year c. The currents current in playa lakes provides fishing too dangerous 14. In a usual river profile a. Discharge decreases downstream b. Gradient increases downstream c. Gradient decreases downstream d. Downcutting boosts downstream e. Valleys come to be narrow downstream 20. Deflation is a. The removal of sand, silt, and clay through wind b. The enrichment of minerals in a playa lake c. The process of sculpting a maritime terrace d. A type of seaside erosion ~ above a submergent coast c. What occurred to Bubba's ego once he couldn't land the large One" 15. Reefs parallel to the shore yet separated from that by wide, deep lagoons are called a. Fringing reefs b. Barrier reef's c. Atolls d.

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Ingupal reefs e. Submergent reefs