Costs that carry out not readjust with the change in the level of production for part time is classified together ________.a) variable costsb) fixed costsc) blended costsd) no one of these choices are correct.

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Under change costing, the price of products manufactured is composed of all excepta) straight materials.b) straight labor.C) variable factory overhead.d) fixed manufacturing facility overhead.
Costs that have attributes of both a variable cost and also a fixed price are classified as ________.a) change costsb) fixed costsc) combined costsd) nobody of these options are correct.
Cost-volume-profit evaluation is supplied for ________.a) analyzing the effects of alters in costs on profitsb) analyzing the results of changes in volume ~ above profitsc) determining selling priced) all of these options are correct.
Contribution margin is the ________.a) difference between sales and fixed costsb) difference in between sales and also total costsc) difference between sales and variable costsd) nobody of these selections are correct.
Which the the complying with formulas is supplied to calculation break-even units?a) Fixed expenses ÷ Unit donation Marginb) Variable expenses ÷ donation Margin Percentc) Variable prices ÷ Unit donation Margind) Fixed prices ÷ contribution Margin Percent
What effect does the increase in fixed expenses have on the break-even units?a) Decreaseb) Increasec) No-effectd) nobody of these options are correct.
If a company decides to rise the offering price the its product, what is its effect on break-even point?a) Decreaseb) Increasec) No-effectd) none of these selections are correct.
Which of the following presumptions is false in a cost-volume-profit analysis?a) full sales and also total expenses can be represented by straight lines.b) within the relevant range of operation activity, the performance of to work does not change.c) costs can be split into fixed and variable components.d) there are changes in the list quantities during the period
Which that the complying with charts plot only a profit line rather than sales and cost lines?a) Cost-volume-profit chartb) Profit-volume chartc) Profit-cost chartd) Cost-volume chart
The difference in between contribution margin and income from operations is ________.a) net incomeb) change costsc) addressed costsd) no one of these options are correct.
The relationship in between a company"s donation margin and also income native operations is measure up by _____.a) contribution marginb) operation leveragec) margin of safetyd) break-even point
The __________ is the relative circulation of sales among the products sold by a company.a) sales mixb) combined costc) product mixd) none of these choices are correct.

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The unit offering price of the all at once enterprise product equals the ________.a) average selling price of the productsb) price the the highest-selling product in the mixc) sum of the unit offering prices of every product multiplied by that is sales mix percentaged) price that the product having actually the lowest marketing price
Most operating decisions the management emphasis on a narrow selection of activity called thea. Relevant selection of productionb. Tactical operating level of productionc. Optimal level the productiond. Strategy level the production
Costs that vary in full in straight proportion to changes in an task level room calleda. Differential costsb. Change costsc. Resolved costsd. Sunk costs
The suggest where the sales line and also the full costs line crossing on the cost-volume-profit graph representsa. The maximum feasible operating lossb. The complete fixed costsc. The break-even pointd. The maximum feasible operating income
Which that the following is not an presumption underlying cost-volume-profit analysis?a. The break-even allude will it is in passed throughout the period.b. The sales mix is constant.c. Full sales and also total costs can be stood for by right lines.d. Costs can it is in accurately divided into fixed and variable components.
A cost that has attributes of both a variable cost and also a fixed cost is referred to as aa. Discretionary costb. Sunk costc. Combined costd. Variable/fixed cost
The relative circulation of sales amongst the various products sold through a business is thea. Donation margin mixb. Product portfolioc. Sales mixd. Business"s basket the goods
The 3 most common cost habits classifications area. Variable costs, product costs, and sunk costsb. Addressed costs, variable costs, and also mixed costsc. Variable costs, period costs, and differential costsd. Variable costs, sunk costs, and opportunity costs