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Western airlines - The O-O-O-O-O-Only way To fly (commercial)
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Does anyone else remember these? Funny, ns can"t recall an additional old airline commercial but I have indelible memories of these Western ads. Either it"s just me, or they ran one unusually strong (or simply very memorable) marketing campaign.Western airline -- The only method to fly - YouTube
Continental had their "We really move our tail because that you" advertisement in the early 70s. Old Continental airline commercial - YouTube I tried to find the old Frontier"s ads which spotlighted certain destinations v a attractive jingle, but can"t find them.
Yep - I absolutely remember the Western airlines commercials with that cartoon bird. What happened to them? ns think they got got by Delta years back - their heritage is the Salt Lake City hub the Delta has today.

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I remember a western Fly Ski fly deal, took a early AM flight into SLC, They had actually a bus wait on the curb, through Rental Ski boots, coats, etc. Every 30/60? minute it left for one of the close to by ski areas. You got off the bus, stepped right into your ski"s, they had actually a technology there to readjust them and you to be on the elevator in a couple of minutes. (You placed all your personal stuff in a Plastic bin on the bus) you would certainly ski till 4p? drop your ski"s at the bus, castle would put the plastic bin on her bus. They would certainly drive you back to the airport, while you walk the Ski ingredient off, and put on her traveling cloths, put the boots, coats, etc, back in the bin. Obtain off in ~ the airport, walk to friend connecting gate, and continue your flight to your last detestation city.If ns recall properly it price $99 because that this, Bus, Ski jacket, ski, poles, boots, gloves, elevator Pass, etc.