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1. The administration attribute that calls for administration to look ahead and establish objectives is Planning. 2. which one of the complying with is not a straight material? The correct option is D. Lubricant for a ball-…View the complete answer

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Transcribed image text: 1. The management function that needs managers to look ahead and develop objectives is a managing b. directing c planning d. censtraining 2. Which among the complying with is not a straight material? a. A tire supplied for a lewn mower b. Plastic provided in the spanned case for a residence PO c. Steel offered in the production of steel radial tire d. Lubricant for a ball-bearing joint for a huge crane 3. Because of automation, which component of product price is decining? a. Direct labor b. Direct materials c. Manufacturing overhead d Advertising 4. Benson Inc.'s accountancy recorde reflect the following inventories DeH.器2 Drdi a013 ●2012 4,000 16.000 2,000 Raw materials inventory 04,000 00,000 Work in process inventory Finiburned goods inventory During 2013, Benboy purchased $1.160,000 of raw materials, neurred direet labor ot of $200,000, and also incurred production overhead totaling $120,000 Assume Benson's price of items produced for 2013 aplaced to $1,360,000 How a lot would it report as cost of goode offered for the year? a. $1,368,000 b $1,400,000 $1,400,000 d $1,362,000 5 For a production company, which of the complying with is an instance of a duration os fairly than a product cost? a. Depreciation on factory tools Weras of machine operatore b Wages of salespersons d Insurance on factory tools 6 Which of the following would certainly be accounted for making use of a job order price system a. The production of personal computer systems b. The production of automobiles G. The refining of petroleun d. The building and construction of a brand-new campus building 7 Which among the following have to be equal to the balance of the Work in Process Inventory account at the end of the period? a The total of the quantities transferred from raw materials for the present duration The amount of the expenses shown on the job price sheets of unfiniburned tasks The complete of production overhead used to work-related in procedure for the duration The full production costs for the period b. c. d