I LOVED critical Remnant earlier in the day, yet I was among those who hit a wall towards the very end (well right into disc 2) early out to bad leveling techniques.

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I understand Remastered is based upon the computer version which supposedly made things a small bit better, than the 360 yet I know I'll still it is in paranoid every time I complete a battle and also my fight rank go up.

Anyone have any advice? I would certainly be pretty frustrated to have actually a repeat that my an initial experience! I've been reading a small bit, and I think it's claimed to be much better of you team mobs with each other to kill them in one battle? the is something ns dont think i did much, so that's probably a start.


Saying that the computer version is a "little little better" is an understatement of epos proportions, the pc version is just a tiny short that an really remake.

Here is the list the changes if you have actually the time to review them, and this doesn't even incorporate the alters made to each and also every monster in the game.

"Enemies hit significantly harder." Well that doesn't sound good! yet hopefully it's well balanced out by the slower battle rank progression.

I'm the kind that typically fights each adversary on the map, which to be a horrible way to play the 360 version, for this reason I'm just really curious if I'll it is in penalized as much for playing the remaster like that, or if I should be linking mobs with each other in one fight, or just preventing them completely (which type of defeat the objective of playing).

Anyone have any advice? I would certainly be pretty frustrated to have actually a repeat the my first experience! I've been analysis a small bit, and also I think it's supposed to be far better of you group mobs with each other to death them in one battle? that is something ns dont think i did much, for this reason that's more than likely a start.

In the 360 variation grouping monsters with each other actually provides the video game HARDER, due to the fact that it gave you an exponential battle rank rise while the stat obtain chance only boosted in a straight fashion.

In the computer version, you deserve to play through or without chaining, it stays balanced.

In basic the pc version is tho as tough as the 360 version (you have actually stronger party members but monsters are likewise stronger), however it renders it really difficult to fully mess up and get stuck permanently.

TC as what most likely said the pc version and the new release space vastly various games 보다 what you play on the 360. You would certainly be tough pressed to fuck noþeles up, uneven the 360 release. Just play and enjoy yourself.

My advice? start The critical Remnant on computer if you deserve to (it was newly taken down however there space other way of obtaining it). I would shot and play through a trainer (cheat menu) since those will allow you to stack her squads v ALL called characters and not nameless soldiers. Then start it top top the hardest difficulty. SUUUPER fun. I re-play it every year and love it every time.

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Wait, top top PC, friend don't need to use nameless soldiers in ~ all. You room not restricted on hiring story and quest personalities like ~ above Xbox. No trainer needed, this is simply component of the transforms made because that the pc version.