Our comprehensive walkthrough for the main game and DLC content, along with the locations of every single hidden collectableitem.

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For those who missed out on The Last of Us - whether it was on its initial release on PS3 or remaster on PS4 a year later - the PlayStation-exclusive post-apocalyptic yarn was lauded as much for its characters and depth of writing as it was its undeniable technical achievements. Now it"s available to play on PC via PlayStation Now and at 4K on PS4 Pro, it gives the game a whole new audience a way to play Naughty Dog"s masterpiece.

We"ve put together a The Last of Us guide for the game, one that will take you all the way through the vanilla story with our The Last of Us walkthrough, and then through the Left Behind DLC (which for PS4 players, is automatically included with the Remastered edition). Should you find yourself breezing through the story, you still might find it useful to refer to our guide to all the collectables that are spread throughout the extended game, too.

The Last of Us walkthrough

The Last of Us - Prologue, car scene, Tommy, armyA quick guide to surviving the explosive first chapter of the game.

The Last of Us - The Quarantine Zone, 20 Years Later, Outside, The Slums, The CargoA walkthrough for the second chapter, set 20 years after the events of the first.

The Last of Us - The Outskirts, Outside, Downtown, Museum, The Capitol BuildingHow to sneak Ellie to safety without inviting unwelcome attention.

The Last of Us - Bill"s Town, The Woods, Safehouse, Graveyard, High School EscapeHow to make it to Bill"s place in one piece, and deal with all of this chapter"s creatures.

The Last of Us - Pittsburgh, Alone and Forsaken, Hotel Lobby, Financial DistrictOur guide to helping Ellie navigate the water, and dealing with a tricky pack of Hunters.

The Last of Us - The Suburbs, Sewers, SuburbsStuck in the sewers? We"ll show you how to make it all the way through this tricky chapter.

The Last of Us - Tommy"s Dam, Hydroelectric Dam, Ranch HouseHow to activate the bridge, find Joel"s brother, and quickly catch up with Ellie.

The Last of Us - The University, Go Big Horns, Science BuildingOur guide to surviving the university campus, and avoiding the Bloater fight altogether.

The Last of Us - Lakeside Resort, The Hunt, Cabin ResortStruggling with the Bandit ambush? Here"s how to survive the fight.

The Last of Us - Bus Depot, Highway Exit, Underground TunnelEverything you need to know to survive the penultimate part of the game.

The Last of Us - The Firefly Lab, The Hospital, Jackson, EpilogueHow to rescue Ellie and wrap up your first playthrough.

The Last of Us Left Behind walkthrough

The Last of Us - Back in a Flash, Riley, Combination Note, ClickersOur guide to the first chapter of the DLC, with a few handy tips for the Clicker encounter.

The Last of Us - Mallrats, Winston, masks, Halloween shopHow to sneak inside the mall, enter the Halloween shop, and get the electricity back on.

The Last of Us - So Close, locked door, generatorOur guide to getting the power back on, and dealing with this area"s infected enemies.

The Last of Us - Fun and Games, arcade, water fight, Listen modeHow to get the most out of the arcade content, and bag an extra trophy.

The Last of Us - The Enemy of My Enemy, Joel, ambushWe"ve got some tips to help you handle some of the fiddlier fights.

The Last of Us - Escape from Liberty GardensThe final chapter of the Left Behind DLC.

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Other The Last of Us guides

The Last of Us - New Game Plus, Everything We"ve Been Through, For Emergencies OnlyReady for more? Here"s everything you need to know about the New Game Plus mode.

The Last of Us - Artifacts, It Was All Just Lying ThereHow to find every Artifact and unlock It Was All Just Lying There for your trophy collection.

The Last of Us - Firefly Pendants, Look for the LightFind every Firefly Pendant and unlock the Look for the Light trophy.

The Last of Us - Training Manuals, combat upgrades, combat bonusesAll the combat-boosting Training Manuals you can find.

The Last of Us - ComicsWhere to find all 15 Comics, and unlock the Endure and Survive trophy.

The Last of Us - Left Behind collectables, Optional Conversations, notesAll of Left Behind"s secret conversations and hidden items.

The Last of Us - Shiv Doors, rewards, locationsHow to track down and bust open every Shiv Door in The Last of Us.

The Last of Us - safes and combinationsEvery safe you"ll find in the game, along with each one"s counterpart combination.

The Last of Us - toolbox locations, tool levels, upgrade weaponsThe five toolboxes you need to maximise your weapon upgrades.


Phew. All done? If you have a PS4, then you can get started with the sequel thanks to our The Last of Us Part 2 walkthrough.

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