Welcome come The Landing

The Landing is situated on the financial institutions of existing River in the foothills of the Missouri Ozarks in van Buren, MO and is present River’s number one will destination. The Current and also Jacks Fork Rivers consist of the Ozark nationwide Scenic Riverways, among the premier nationwide Parks in the unified States, and are beautiful decision clear rivers offering impressive scenic landscapes the entire year.

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About Us

Welcome to The Landing

The Landing is situated on the financial institutions of current River in the foothills the the Missouri Ozarks in valve Buren, MO and also is current River’s number one resort destination. The Current and also Jacks Fork Rivers make up the Ozark nationwide Scenic Riverways, among the premier national Parks in the united States, and also are beautiful crystal clear rivers offering superior scenic landscapes the whole year.

About Us


The Landing invites girlfriend to suffer this crystal clear river that moves through stunning Ozark landscapes. Gain a float expedition on present River and it will be an endure you won’t forget. On the worldwide Scale of flow Difficulty, the current River ranks as a course 1 river, the easiest and safest rank. It is enjoyable for both beginners and experts. The Landing professionally outfits countless recreational floaters every year.


Since The Landing originated the existing River Tube trip over 40 year ago, it has actually become really popular kind of summertime entertainment. Much more and much more people each year have discovered this be safe pastime. It is a unique and also inexpensive type of entertainment because that the whole family, and we insurance you a fun-filled summer work or weekend!

We room an authorized nationwide Park Concession and, in conjunction v The Landing river Store, market a wide array of float trips consisting of canoes, rafts, kayaks and tubes. Park your auto at The Landing and also leave the remainder up to us. We carry you upriver come your point of entry. This permits you to enjoy your float v no collection take-out time or deadline come meet, and also there is no tired wait for transportation at the end of your float.

The Rosecliff Lodge

The Landing is the only facility in the present River area to market riverfront accommodations. Each room has actually a spacious balcony with inviting Adirondack chairs whereby you can sit and enjoy the view. We are open year round, giving a “four season experience” of current River. Even if it is it’s an every day tubing expedition in the heat of the summer to keep cool, a scenic raft or canoe expedition in the middle of the fall, a relaxed snowfall in the winter, or a base fishing or bird watching expedition in the spring, The Landing provides for a good vacation destination anytime of the year.

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Single King

With Riverfront Views

Double Queen

With Riverfront Views

Deluxe dual Queen

With Riverfront Views


6 human Maximum Occupancy

Large Suite

8 human being Maximum Occupancy

Inez House

8 human being Maximum Occupancy



The Blue Heron

Located on the west next of The Landing ~ above the main level, The Blue Heron supplies exceptional food, personable service, and a great view of existing River. We also offer outdoor dining top top the riverview decks, two full company bars, and also live weekend entertainment.

The Blue Heron might be best known for its four cuts that juicy, charbroiled steaks, such together Chef Bobby King’s own 8 oz. Crab-Stuffed Filet, however, our full company menu also offers a variety of specialty entrees consisting of Crusted Orange Roughy, Hill country Catfish, Stuffed Pasta Shells, and a number of good appetizers including our version of the fried onion blossom, the present River Rootwad.

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River Centre

Not just for Floating any kind of More!The Landing, in valve Buren, has always been a great summer destination for floating the current River. Because 1981, The Landing has actually been outfitting civilization with inner tubes, canoes, rafts, and kayaks for summer float trips down one of America’s prettiest rivers, however the latest enhancement to the resort, The flow Centre at The Landing, is attracting tourists to present River for various other reasons.

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By chief Bobby and also the Blue Heron Staff

Meeting Rooms

For large or small Corporate Events


Host your next family members gathering

The flow Centre

The perfect place to mix business and also recreation


Your all-in-one wedding destination

The Landing – present River 110 prior St van Buren, MO. 63965 573-323-8156

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