I have the article The iPhone might not be synced since the sync conference failed come start.

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Latest OS and also iPhone Pro. I've tried restarting MacBook and iPhone to no avail. I've tried come synch via WiFi and via cable....same issue. Anyone recognize a fix? This is steering me nuts!

By the way, i don't have actually iTunes anymore. It's now of food music, books....et al.

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Hello Paulcouchsurfingcook.comFan,

Thank you for reaching out in couchsurfingcook.com assistance Communities. I know you're seeing an error message, when you attempt to sync an iphone phone to your Mac. I'll it is in happy come help.

To aid troubleshoot this behavior, i recommend following the actions outlined in this valuable article: If you see an error in Finder or iTunes top top your computer system There are added steps outlined in the post I provided that have the right to help.

Kind regards.

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Hi A13_usr,

Sadly, i’ve done every the things in the write-up already. That still i will not ~ sync.

Ill save trying.


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Thanks for getting back to us and also for verifying the information.

I recommend to remove and also reinstall iTunes on your pc by following the procedures outlined here: Remove and reinstall iTunes and also related software materials for home windows 7 and later Then, test to view if you're able to sync her iPhone to iTunes without any issue.


Hi there,

I’m using a Mac, not a windows machine.

Latest MacOS on a 2014 MacBook Pro and an iphone 13 Pro with the latest iOS. Not making use of iTunes, using music.

Thank you.

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Apologies because that the misunderstanding, ns recommend contacting couchsurfingcook.com support to inspection this behavior further. Girlfriend can contact them with this attach here: contact couchsurfingcook.com assistance

Take care.

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Question: Q: The iPhone can not it is in synced due to the fact that the sync conference failed come start. much more Less