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“- component of the bay Gardens Resort, therefore included access to various other hotel's facilities and also waterpark i beg your pardon was great fun- great buffet breakfast in adjoining hotel following door- clean and comfortable rooms- an extremely friendly and also helpful staff”

“Later check out offered by Esther was practically for my plans and enabled my to relax through pool. For a quick one night stay before joining a yacht in Rodney bay Marina this was a an excellent location and also included breakfast collection me up because that the day! ”

“The staff was efficient and also friendly, indigenous the receptionist to the janitors. The breakfast was GREAT-a nice mix of local and also international fare. There was an ice cream shop roughly the corner (walking distance) that was super!”

“The breakfast had excellent choices. Staff were very friendly and also went past the speak to of duty come make us comfortable. The ar was an extremely good. Room to be clean and an extremely comfortable. Near to the neighborhood bus transportation.”

“Decent amenities through bonus of beach , water resort, and restaurant from sister facilities. Awesome ar for city experience. Good food!”

“Good size rooms, beloved pool and pool loungers, an excellent location close come everything and also useful beach shuttle.The staff were helpful and friendly.We enjoyed the breakfast and also the supervisors cocktail party.”

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