Which that the following is an advantage of the systems method to management?​It motivates managers to focus on better communication and cooperation in ~ an organization.​It help managers know that an excellent internal monitoring of an company is enough to for sure survival.​It forces managers to see their company as separate, unrelated parts.​It help managers know the effect of group social interaction on separation, personal, instance performance.

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According come Chester Barnard, i beg your pardon of the complying with statements is true about a zone of indifference?​In this zone, managerial requests room not understood.​In this zone, managerial directives are inconsistent through the function of one organization. ​In this zone, managerial government is challenged.​In this zone, managerial requests are instantly accepted.
According come Chester Bernard, world will be indifferent to managerial directives or orders if castle _____. ​are incompatible through the people"s personal interests​cannot be lugged out by those world ​are continuous with the objective of an organization​come native a peer rather than a senior
According come Henri Fayol"s fourteen ethics of management, order have the right to be accomplished in an organization by _____.​completely centralizing the process of decision making​promoting individuals based upon their political connectionshaving a place for everyone and having everyone in his or she place​resolving conflicts by the procedure of compromise
According come Henri Fayol"s fourteen principles of management, i m sorry of the adhering to is true of unit of direction?​Employees need to put the organization"s interests and goals before their own.​There must be no overlapping obligations for the employees in an organization.​One person and one arrangement should be used in deciding the tasks to be carried out.​All employees must report to and receive orders from simply one boss.
According to Henri Fayol"s fourteen ethics of management, _____ requires that compensation need to be fair and also satisfactory come both the employees and the organization.​remuneration​centralization​equity​unity that direction
​According to mar Parker Follett, _____ requires invention.​coercion. ​integration ​compromise​domination
According to mar Parker Follett, _____ is technique for dealing with dispute in i m sorry one party satisfies the desires and objectives in ~ the cost of the other party"s desires and also objectives.​resolution ​integration ​domination​coercion
According to the _____, the most efficient management theory or idea relies on the kinds of problems or situations that managers are encountering at a certain time and also place.​the contingency approach ​the human relations approach​principles of bureaucratic management​principles of scientific management
According to the facets of bureaucracy, i m sorry of the adhering to is a default for cultivating employees?​Experience or achievement​Political influence​Relationship with the managers​Personal appearance
How walk the Industrial revolution change jobs and organizations?​Managers realized the prestige of customer relations.​Cottage laborers operated with each various other out of tiny homes the were often built in a semicircle and did not require management.​Jobs to be performed in fields, homes, or small shops.​Unskilled laborers running machines started to replace high-paid, skilled artisans.

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Mary Parker Follett thought that the best means to address conflict to be _____.​compromise ​coercion​integration. ​domination
One that the objectives of the motion study performed by Frank and Lillian Gilbreth was to: ​extend the duration of time compelled to finish a task.​increase the number of motions compelled to finish a task.​foster soldiering amongst workers.​improve the productivity of workers.